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‘If only I couldn’t do it’ is in danger of being released in Turkey, a promising star in the past

▲ Deli Ali, who was called the jewel of England and Tottenham Hotspur
▲ Winning and winning streak from MK Dons in the lower league to Tottenham and entering the England national team ▲ Ali caught in ups and downs, possibility of early
termination of lease in Turkiye


The situation of Dele Alli, who was a member of Tottenham’s DESK line, is miserable. He is on a very different path from the rest of his teammates who are on a winning streak.

The early lease termination of Ali and Besiktas was discussed. British sports TV channel ‘Sky Sports’ shed light on the opaque future of Ali, who is on loan at Besiktas on the 9th (local time).

According to the article, Besiktas is considering an early lease termination with Ali. The main reason was that he did not have much influence within the team.

In the case of Ali, he left for Besiktas through the transfer market in the summer of 2022. This team is Everton. He tried to rebound from the Lampard system, which was called his role model, but failed. I headed to Turkiye, the land of opportunity, but nothing has changed.

So far, Ali has only scored one goal in seven matches 토토. Even in the Turkiye Super League, which is several steps below the Premier League, it failed to show its presence.

Everton is also not happy about Ali’s return. Lampard’s system Everton is struggling. It would be nice to have one more player, but Ali, who was good at Tottenham, is no longer there. Of course, he is still young, so he has a chance of rebounding, but it is not easy.

The start wasn’t bad. In the summer of 2015, he was called up by manager Pochettino and wore a Tottenham uniform. Previously, Ali was in the lower leagues of England. Ali, who was playing for MK Dons, was directly scouted by manager Pochettino. He’s been 7 years and over 6 months. Although it was Ali who drew attention as a transfer to Tottenham, he has now become one of the pronouns of outdated prospects.

Ups and downs were a problem. He was called a genius, but he was lazy. After he came down from the peak, he continued to descend. Unlike when he was doing well, his poor performance was noticeable and his insincere attitude came to the fore. He also lost his place in Tottenham. After Antonio Conte’s appointment, he became completely out of power.

Eventually, Ali broke up with Tottenham through the transfer market in January 2022. His choice was Everton. There was a brief rebound in the second half of the season, but it was temporary. After the new season, Ali was loaned to Turkiye. Even this is not easy. There is a transfer option, but due to his sluggish performance, rumors of early termination of his lease are being discussed.

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