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If you have a good knowledge, you won’t fight back 

‘Jipi jipi is unstoppable.’

2500 years ago in China, after the decline of Zhou, the kingdom of the emperor, Sun Wu’s ‘Art of War’ appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period, when Qi, Qin, Cho, Qin, and Wu were born like bamboo shoots. It is made up of 13 pieces. It is still a must-read for those preparing for war, and it is a classic that is read a lot in all times and places. I remember taking Sun Tzu’s Art of War class in the past and submitting the preliminary lessons in handwriting 10 times each time.

The core of Sun Tzu’s method of war is by-win (win without fighting). However, the sick (兵者) say that you must win the fight no matter what method you use to the extent that it is called orbit (deceit). Even today, as we spend a war-like day in the battlefield of the workplace, we like to compare ourselves to Sun Tzu’s Art of War. In fact, in the real world, problems are often resolved through cooperation and agreement rather than competition. For those who believe that golf is also a battle with oneself and the best game in life, metaphors between life and death are rather awkward and tiring.

There is a saying in Sun Tzu’s Art of War that we know all too well: Jijijigi Baekjeonbultae (知彼知己百war不殆). If you know the enemy (彼) and know yourself (己), it is not a hundred battles and a hundred victories (百百勝), but non-destruction (不殆), that is, it is not in danger. It is also a warning that you need to know more to win, and that it can be dangerous if you do not know information about the enemy and yourself. This quote is the best strategy that can be applied right away to golf.

In golf, an opponent can be the player you encounter or the weather and terrain of the golf course. Golf is also a game with opponents. I feel intimidated by the opponent’s momentum, and sometimes I gain confidence. You must know your opponent well. There are also ‘cheon’ (weather) and ‘ji’ (terrain) in the five elements (do·cheon·ji·jang·law) of Sun Tzu’s Warfare Watch (始計), which tells us to carefully weigh the gains and losses before the war. ‘Thousand’ refers to dark and light, cold and hot. Depending on the weather, such as wind strength and precipitation, the pitch quality and trajectory height also change. ‘Ji’ is far and near, rough and flat, wide and narrow, advantageous and disadvantageous. In addition, among the factors that compare me with the enemy, knowledge of heaven and earth and knowledge of heaven and earth are included.

The golf course includes a mountain course, a hilly course, a riverside course, and a forest course. The posture of the shot is also different depending on the terrain such as bunker and rough. He does well on a flat practice field, but it is difficult to adapt properly when he is only on a rough field. According to Sun Tzu’s method of warfare, “Going in a straight line isn’t fast, whether it’s infantry or cavalry, it’s better to take a detour rather than forcefully attacking with a driver, and the golf club measures the remaining distance to give an advantage to the next shot.” It can also be interpreted as meaning that you have to choose as. 바카라

Most golf courses are designed to go through win-win-match-final. Even if the first hole starts off comfortably, the next one is a repetition of difficult and easy holes. Normally, the last 16th to 18th holes of the in-course are made difficult so that you do not relax until the end. It is also necessary to know the information about the handicap of each hole (each hole is assigned from 1 to 18. 1 is the most difficult and 18 is the easiest hole). That is why golf is often referred to as a battle of brains between players and designers.

When you have to solve a difficult problem not only in war but also in marriage or business, rather than attacking with reckless recklessness, who you have to face, what your identity is, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Let’s think of medicine. You may see clues to win.

Columnist Kwak Hae-yong, father of professional Kwak Bo-mi

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