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“If you score 5 goals and curse, I’ll accept it!” Director Lee Jung-hyo’s ‘stimulus’ makes ‘lack of affection’ Lee Hee-gyun dance

K-League 1 (Part 1) sensational team Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo (48)’s ‘stimulus’ makes midfielder Lee Hee-gyun (25) dance. Director Lee made a relationship for the first time last year when he took the baton in Gwangju, and a ‘honey chemistry’ sprouted between roasting and roasting for over a year.

After the opening of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’, Lee Hee-kyun was selected as a starting pitcher for 5 consecutive games. Last season’s K-League 2, where he played alternately between selection and replacement, ‘Bang-jeong’ has become a sure ‘starter-fix’ this season. Lee Hee-kyun, who did not score a goal last season, quickly reciprocated coach Lee’s trust by scoring a goal in his fourth game, a home game against Incheon on the 18th of last month. In addition to scoring, he is leading the team’s attack with sharp penetration into space and linkage play with nearby teammates such as Umji Sung and Sandro. The promoted team, Gwangju, was in 5th place with a blast winning 3 wins (2 losses) in the first 5 games amid Lee Hee-kyun’s great performance.메이저놀이터

Lee Hee-kyun’s anti-war performance had Lee’s ‘Stick of Love’. Director Lee said, “I told Lee Hee-kyun a lot throughout the past year. He stimulated me by saying, ‘You can only do that much. That’s it. The players around me were very surprised. Isn’t that a culture you don’t often see in Korea?”

Director Lee’s reaction was not ‘anger’ but ‘smile’. “The coaches around me told me that I was laughing at that moment. It was really funny. I thought, ‘Hee-kyun had that side too.’ When I said, ‘I’ll accept it,’ he said, ‘Isn’t that fine?’ I also went to the coach during overseas training when I was a player and said that if he didn’t give me a chance to participate, I would leave on a plane. Compared to me, Hee-gyun didn’t really argue. . Director Lee said, “From that kind of appearance, I thought, ‘Finally (potential) is bursting.’ I could see him growing at the training ground. That’s why I told him to keep an eye on Lee Hee-gyun in media day or interviews.”

In the match against Incheon, Lee Hee-gyun received Um Ji-seong’s sensational penetrating pass and shook his opponent’s net. Coach Lee came out to greet Lee Hee-kyun, who was running toward Gwangju’s home bench after scoring. In this way, the hug scene was directed that reminds me of Park Ji-sung in Guus Hiddink’s arms. Coach Lee said, “Hee-kyun doesn’t have any goals, but if he scores a goal, he will grow even more. The moment he scored, he was so happy. Hee-gyun is ‘lack of affection’. He’s hungry for praise. I can’t wait to see what he will criticize after scoring 5 goals.” It does,” he laughed.

Director Lee is not giving special treatment only to Lee Hee-gyun. He is doing ‘customized motivation’ regardless of selection and replacement resources. We are overcoming the limitations of the entire squad by raising the potential of each individual. In the 5th round against Suwon FC, Lee Min-ki and Park Han-bin scored their first goal of the season, leading to a 2-0 victory. The 2nd Lee Hee-kyun and the 3rd Lee Hee-gyun are waiting on the bench and outside the stadium for their turn to come. Coach Lee said, “The goal is to make Gwangju a team that other team players want to come to.”

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