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I’m Bae Ji-hwan, the ‘star of the storm’, but I’m putting on a PIT competition… 10-Year ML Veteran Call-Up

The Pittsburgh Pirates called up a veteran who could threaten Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh Pirates), the main character of the blast.

Pittsburgh called up Chris Owings (32), a veteran infielder with 10 years of experience in the big leagues, on the 9th (Korean time). level of defense. With the opening of the season, starting shortstop O’Neill Cruz (25) left the team due to an ankle fracture, and has not been able to find the right person. Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton has given opportunities to young players such as Rodolfo Castro (24), Tucupita Macano (24), and Bae Ji-hwan, and has been looking for replacements, but no one has received a passing grade.

The American sports media’The Athletic’ reported that’Pittsburgh shortstop’s DRS (runs blocked by defense) is -5, which is the 5th worst in the major leagues. Behind Pittsburgh, there are only San Francisco Giants (-9), Atlanta Braves (-8), Washington Nationals and Cincinnati Reds (-7).

Castro received the most chances in 22 games at shortstop, committing six errors in 67 fielding opportunities. Bae Ji-hwan received the fewest chances with 3 games as a shortstop, and recorded DRS -2 by committing 1 error in 7 defensive opportunities. Castro, Makano, and Bae Ji-hwan were all players who played multiple positions in the infield rather than professional shortstops, so it took time to adapt.

Referring to Castro, who was chosen as a replacement, Shelton said, “His role changed during the season, but it’s not easy for him as a young player (adapting quickly). He played well, and like everyone else, he made mistakes. “It’s natural for a young player. We’re going to give him a little bit of time off,” he said.

Coach Shelton said that the joining of Owings does not mean that 24-year-old players are sluggish. The Athletic said: ‘Shelton brought Owings in to add variety to the roster. Owings can play shortstop, second base, and outfield. It is not a reaction to the play of Castro, Macano, or Bae Ji-hwan.”

Anyway, this is bad news for Bae Ji-hwan. It is because the position exactly overlaps with Owings. Pittsburgh will continue to use Owings for the time being as long as it has been called up, and Bae Ji-hwan has no choice but to share his playing time with Owings.메이저사이트

Bae Ji-hwan recorded 14 stolen bases this year, ranking third overall in the big leagues. His main power is clearly showing, but the rest of the indicators are not outstanding with a batting average of 0.239 (22 hits in 92 at-bats) and an on-base percentage of 0.300. In order to increase playing time, it seems that it will be important in the future to appeal to the advantage that will not be defeated by Owings in addition to stealing bases.

Owings joined this year’s spring camp as an invited player and recorded an OPS of .811 in 17 games, but did not make the big league roster. He was looking for an opportunity playing for Pittsburgh’s Triple-A team. Shelton could have called Owings up earlier, but he suffered a groin injury in the middle of last month and that delayed it. Owings promised to make a comeback, saying, “I am happy to have the opportunity to play again in the major leagues.”

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