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‘Invincible Old Trafford’ summoned until the days of Ferguson

 Reporter Park Moon-soo = First time since coach Alex Ferguson Manchester United are on a 13-game winning streak at home.

Manchester United won 2-1 in the 2022/23 Premier League Round 22 home game against Crystal Palace on the morning of the 5th. Fernandez and Rashford opened fire, and after Casemiro was sent off, they conceded a point to Schloop, but managed to secure three points.

With this match win, Manchester United recalled the record of the legendary coach Ferguson. According to OPTA, a football statistics media, Manchester United is recording 13 consecutive wins at Old Trafford alone, including cup competitions. And this record is the first winning streak in 12 years since the 2010/11 season led by Ferguson. For reference, that season Manchester United overtook Chelsea in the Premier League and finished runners-up in the UEFA Champions League.

After Ferguson’s retirement, the status of Old Trafford was also in a state of decline. However, with the appointment of manager Ten Hagh, Man Utd is showing the same appearance as the impregnable at ‘Old Trafford’.

Because of the slight slowdown at the beginning of the season, it is realistically difficult to compete for the championship. Instead, Manchester United’s Premier League record this season, which has played 21 matches, is 13 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. The ranking is 3rd.

It was particularly strong at home. After losing 1-2 in the opening game against Brighton, they got off to an uneasy start, but starting with a 2-1 victory over Liverpool, they are showing their extreme form at home.

Since then, United have won the match against leaders Arsenal, and also won three points at home against Tottenham and Manchester City. Even in the Premier League, Manchester United are on a six-game winning streak at home alone. With the exception of the 0-0 draw against Newcastle United, they have won all their matches against the tough side at home. Among Manchester United’s remaining home game opponents, Chelsea is the least difficult opponent. 안전놀이터

Not only in the league, but also in cup competitions, home matches are good. Although the 0-1 loss to Real Sociedad in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League Group E was disappointing, United recorded two victories in the remaining home matches. In the FA Cup, they also won 3-1 against Everton and Reading, and in the EFA Cup, they recorded all wins over Aston Villa, Burnley and Nottingham Forest.

The variable is FC Barcelona. Having finished second in Group E of the Europa League, Manchester United will face Barcelona in their second round of UEFA Europa League play-offs. The first leg is an expedition to Kam Nou. Afterwards, Manchester United invites Barcelona home after the home game against Leicester City.

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