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Is there a team that trembles when they meet Ronaldo-Messi? They gave up 65 runs!

Correspondent Jinhyeok Ban = Which team are you afraid of, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi?

The soccer statistics site ‘score90’ revealed the opponent with the most goals, saying, “Ronaldo and Messi’s favorite club team TOP 5.” 바카라

The top 5 teams where Ronaldo and Messi scored the most are all Spanish Primera Liga teams.

Ronaldo and Messi flew wild whenever they met Sevilla. Both players have scored the most goals in their careers.

Ronaldo scored 27 goals against Sevilla 18 times, while Messi scored 38 goals in 43 matches.

Sevilla scored a total of 65 goals for Ronaldo and Messi. She is a more feared opponent than a compatible mama.

Ronaldo scored 25 goals against Atletico Madrid, followed by Getafe (23), Barcelona (20) and Celta Vigo (20) in that order.

Messi is also Atletico Madrid’s second-highest scoring team. He scored 32 goals in 43 matches.

It was followed by Valencia (31), Athletic Bilbao (29) and Real Madrid (26).

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