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“Is this a true story?” Fallen ‘soccer genius’ Ali, last chance… Signed by Besiktas ‘free’

The door to the last chance has opened for the fallen ‘soccer genius’ Dele Alli (27).

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 18th (local time) that ‘Turkiye Besiktas president Ahmet Nur Sebi has opened the door for Ali to return’. Ali was loaned to Besiktas from Everton this season.

But he was unexpected. He made 17 appearances and scored only 3 goals. Recently, rumors of a feud with manager Senol Gunes have been raised.메이저사이트

Ali returned to England with a hip injury and underwent surgery. He was judged ‘out of the season’.

However, Chairman Sevi brought out Ali’s complete recruitment card. ‘The Sun’ quoted ‘Daily Mail’ and said, ‘Chairman Sevi is considering a complete recruitment if Everton releases Ali for free’ after the end of this season.

Ali’s personal life is more of a problem. Recently, a picture of him inhaling ‘hippie crack’ has been exposed, causing controversy. ‘Hippie crack’, also called ‘laughing gas’, means inhaling nitrous oxide in a balloon. The British government has announced that the possession of nitrous oxide is a criminal offense.

Ali has one more year left on his contract with Everton. It remains to be seen what choice Everton will make.

Everton coach Sean Dyche recently said of Ali, “In the end, the choice is up to the player. But you have to make a good choice.”

Regarding Ali’s future, he added, “I know what to do and what not to do. The manager cannot control all the lives of the players. Should I follow them all day?”

Ali transferred to Everton from Tottenham in January last year for free. Just took an option. If Ali succeeds in making a comeback, Tottenham can receive up to 40 million pounds (about 65.5 billion won).

The first 10 million pounds (approximately 16.4 billion won) will be received if you play 20 games for Everton. However, Alli has only made 13 appearances for Everton. If Ali makes a full transfer to Besiktas, he will also have to untie the knot with Tottenham.

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