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“It burned.” Jung Chan-sung replied ‘anytime, anywhere’ to Holloway’s callout. The battle of dreams unfolds

 “Halloway, if you want to fight me, do it anytime, anywhere.”

‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-sung Jung immediately responded to former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway’s intention to fight. I wanted to fight anytime, anywhere.

On the afternoon of the 17th, Jung Chan-sung posted a video on his YouTube channel, saying, “I will answer Holloway’s call-out.”

Jeong Chan-sung said, “I was originally going to review the match between Holloway and Allen, but Holloway said we should fight, so I took a video in a hurry.”토스카지노

Regarding the match between Holloway and Alan held on the 16th (3-0 Holloway win), Jung Chan-sung said, “As a result, it was a game in which there was a great difference in hitting and skill,” he said. However, Holloway does not seem to have come to that point. Some people predicted Alan’s victory because they thought Holloway hadn’t been like that, but Holloway was Holloway,” he briefly reviewed the match.

Regarding Holloway’s request for a match against him, Jeong Chan-seong said, “I don’t think I’m in good shape to fight right now. I weigh 81-82kg right now.” I have a lot of things to do, so I’m very busy in Korea.”

In fact, Jung Chan-sung wanted a confrontation first. Chansung Jung said, “After watching the match between the two, I told Jason (manager in charge of Chansung Chung of the US agency) that if they fought at the end of the year, either of them would be fine, but after a while, coach Eddie Cha said, ‘Halloway wants to fight with you’. Hearing the words, I was on fire, and I liked it. He was an opponent I wanted to fight.”

Jung Chan-seong, who is now in his twilight years as a player at the age of 36, expressed his desire to focus on the game rather than winning. “Rather than winning now, I want to fight the fighter I want to fight,” he said. “Is there any fighter in the featherweight division who doesn’t respect Holloway? I’m excited and I don’t think I’ll regret it even if I actually fall behind.”

Jeong Chan-sung wants to compete in Korea, but it’s not easy. “I contacted Hunter, the vice president of the UFC, and the UFC seems to judge that it is unconditionally welcome and that it is not a nonsensical match,” he said. I think it would be nice because Australia doesn’t have much time difference with Korea.”

Jeong Chan-sung said, “I think we’re holding a UFC 30th anniversary event in November, and I think it’s a quality match that fits that. But it doesn’t matter if you fight faster than that.”

The ‘Korean Zombie’ was waking up. Jeong Chan-sung said, “The reaction of worrying about me is lighting a fire in me, and I feel that I am still an active fighter, that I am alive, and that I am still a martial arts fighter and a UFC fighter. I am trying to bring back what I put down.” Finally, he said in English “If you want to fight me, anytime, anywher.e Let’s go brother” and ended the video.

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