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“It’s time to move on,” says Neville of Man Utd star who needs to be replaced next season

“The time has finally come for a change.”

Former Manchester United legend and football commentator Gary Neville has called for the club to replace veteran goalkeeper David De Gea next season.

Neville is convinced that the time has come for the Red Devils to replace De Gea, but warns that the current squad is not ready to take Eric ten Hague’s side to the next level.

De Gea has won the Premier League Golden Glove this season, but has been criticized for making costly mistakes in some crucial games, such as the one he conceded to City’s Ilkay Gundogan in the FA Cup final, and has raised concerns about his ability to be Tenakh’s first-choice goalkeeper next season. De Gea’s contract with the club expires on June 30, but it is widely expected that he will re-sign for a shorter period than before.

“We need to sign a new center-forward and a new goalkeeper,” Neville told the Metro on Wednesday (ET). “If you don’t have those two positions fixed in a football team, you struggle enormously,” he said. “United are struggling enormously, especially up front, but at the same time, the time has come to bring in a top goalkeeper.” “The Man City game in the FA Cup said it all. I don’t want to say too much about it, but the second goal shouldn’t have gone in the back of the net.”

“The fact is, De Gea has had a great career at United and has been a fantastic goalkeeper. But now it’s time to challenge him and bring in someone who will be a top goalkeeper.”

Neville also emphasized the need for midfield recruitment. “It’s the same in midfield. We’ve got two players with good legs but not good on the ball and two players with good legs but not good on the ball,” he said. “I don’t think we have a good midfield composition, so we need to fix that. If we want to play the kind of soccer Tenakh wants to play, we need to have players with technical ability. We can’t play that kind of football with the players we have now.”메이저사이트

Tenakh’s United turned things around in his first season, winning the Carabao Cup, finishing runner-up in the FA Cup and third in the league, but Neville has repeatedly emphasized the need to rebuild the squad in order to move up. He believes this season’s results are the best he can achieve with the current squad and that it would be a “mistake” to keep the same squad to close the gap on Man City and Arsenal next season. “There are players who have never reached the desired standard for a long time, but people keep thinking they will get better soon, but it never really happens. I think Erik Tenhag has done the most he can do with this squad with two cup finals and a third place finish in the league,” he said.

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