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Japanese media warns against “China’s representative sovereignty, ‘competent group’ with high possibility of starting in the game against Japan”

Japanese baseball media ‘Full Count’ was wary of the sovereignty of the Chinese national team (kt Wiz, 28).

Born in Jilin, China, and naturalized in 2007, Ju Kwon will represent China at the 2023 WBC, which will be held in March, following the WBC’s 2017 WBC rule, which allows you to choose your nationality up to your parent’s lineage. However, sovereignty revealed that he would not pitch in the game against Korea, which belongs to the same Group B.

Sovereignty is kt’s winning team, which recorded double-digit holds for four consecutive years from 2019 to 2022. In 2020, he even won the league hold king (31 holds). In China, where the power of the mound is weak compared to Japan, Korea, and Australia, which belong to the same Group B in the WBC, Sovereignty is expected to show a great presence.

After deciding to join the Chinese national team on the 3rd, Ju Kwon said through the club, “I thought a lot, but I thought it would be a good experience because the WBC is a place where the best players gather. It is an opportunity to grow one step further. I will prepare hard for the season and do my best at the WBC. “Full Count” reported the news of Ju Kwon’s departure from the US spring camp on the 29th on the 30th and said 토토사이트

, “Information on the Chinese national team for this tournament is rarely released, but in terms of skills, Sovereignty is an ace level. Undoubtedly. He has a fastball and changeup in the high 140s. Since he is not going to play against Korea, he is highly likely to start against Japan,” he introduced Joo Kwon.

Prior to leaving the country on the 29th, Joo Kwon expected, “I want to face Ohtani.” The above media issued a warning, saying, “Japan will face China in the first game on March 9. Be careful of talented pitchers (sovereign rights).” Ju Kwon plans to go to Japan at the end of February to join the Chinese national team after attending kt spring camp in Arizona.

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