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Jeonbuk Kim Doo-hyeon, ‘Zero Professional Fullback’ “Using all available personnel… Encouraging team change after the Seoul War”

Acting coach Kim Doo-hyun praised the players’ attitudes, which have changed despite the current difficult situation. 

Jeonbuk will face off against Suwon Samsung and Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 12 at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:30 pm on the 10th.

Suwon, led by new coach Kim Byung-soo, and Jeonbuk, which has changed to the acting manager Kim Doo-hyun, will face each other at the bottom and 10th places. In their last match, they drew 1-1.

Acting Kim met with reporters before the game and said about the absence of all fullbacks, “There is no fullback. Except for Choi Chul-soon. Regarding the background, Kim Jin-soo and Kim Moon-hwan have recovered from injuries and are training little by little and are rehabilitating. Amano and Gustavo, who played during the Seoul match, There was no difficulty in forming a reserve list in various ways due to an injury. All available personnel came out.” 

Regarding the reason why so many injuries come out, “There are many things. From the perspective of the coaching staff, I think a lot. There are many aspects.” 

Regarding whether the training has been done properly since the winter training, he said, “Even if you do well in the winter, injuries can come. I see it,” he said. 

Regarding the grievances he felt as an acting manager, Kim said, “I think that I am experiencing coaching experience and it is not easy. It is the same during training. I only interviewed when I was a player, but there are also media responses. “They have to show their performance. No matter how positively I say it, it’s meaningless if the players can’t show it.”

Still, he said, “However, after the match in Seoul, the players’ participation and concentration in training increased. I can see the will to do it. Our risk is the squad depth of the players. Still, the players will find confidence through the last match and play a good match.”

When asked if there was any last story he told the players, acting manager Kim said, “The meeting was held in Suwon. There is no good article about Jeonbuk. As a leader, it hurts and the players can shrink. He said, “Let’s change the situation well. Jeonbuk is Jeonbuk, and rather than winning because there is someone and losing without someone, I said let’s take a step further as a team.” 메이저사이트

When asked how he wanted to make up for the possible problem of not having a fullback, Acting Kim said, “It would be nice if there were professional players in that position. ‘s football will come out,” he expected. 

Regarding whether there was any movement within the club regarding the lack of discipline from the federation, he said, “I haven’t heard anything else. I have to listen to the punishment or something like that. It’s an action I did for the team, and it’s regrettable that it should have been well expressed. Still, they are players who have a greater attachment to the team than anyone else, so they will be able to overcome it wisely.” 

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