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Joo Min-gyu “We have to catch the first Taegeuk mark and the first championship”

Last season’s K-League champion Ulsan is on a six-game winning streak this season. 33-year-old veteran goal scorer Ju Min-gyu, who returned after 4 years, is leading Ulsan’s fast run.

This is Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.


During Ulsan’s opening 6-game winning streak, Joo Min-gyu flew with 4 attack points, including 3 consecutive goals and 1 assist.

He was also awarded the first monthly MVP of his career.메이저사이트

[Jumin-gyu/Hyundai Ulsan striker: I think it’s a good start. The first goal is for the team to win.]

Joo Min-gyu is a top scorer who has scored 120 goals in the K-League, including 22 goals in 2021 and becoming the top scorer in five years, but has never been selected for the national team and is I haven’t even won the championship, but I’m coming back to the ‘defending champion’ Ulsan after 4 years and I’m going to catch both rabbits.

Last month, in the match against Suwon FC, he scored both goals and assists in front of the newly appointed national team coach Klinsman, and made a proper impression.

[Jumin-gyu/Hyundai Ulsan striker: When I started playing soccer, I thought my dream was the Taegeuk mark. I think that feeling will remain the same until I retire.]

Joo Min-gyu, who started as a second division trainee 10 years ago and has come this far, is determined to more vigorously challenge his unfulfilled dreams even at the age of not less than 33.

[Jumin-gyu/Hyundai Ulsan striker: ‘Will I wear a Taegeuk mark on my chest?’ As the tears well up, the thought ‘Ah, how did I really get here?’ seems to pass by like a panorama. I think I will do this with my first name. ‘Look at me, my name is Joo Min-gyu!’ is something like this…]

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