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KBO legend Sidearm is also excited, ‘KT Man’ Won Sang-hyun “I’ll do my best to lead the way for Choi Min-joon and future KT starters”

“I will strive to lead the future KT starting lineup alongside senior So Min-joon.”

KT Wiz selected a total of 11 players in the 2024 KBO First-Year Player Draft, which was held on Thursday at the Westin Chosun Seoul Hotel in Sogong, Seoul.

KT selected Busan High School pitcher Won Sang-hyun with the seventh pick in the first round. Won is a right-handed pitcher with excellent athleticism, a fastball that reaches a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour and a reliable changeup, and is an immediate power pitcher with excellent game management skills, including aggressive pitches on the mound.

The team then selected Gangneung High pitcher Yuk Cheong-myung in the second round, and Sunlin Internet High pitcher Kim Min-sung and Donghwa University pitcher Choi Yoon-seo in the third and fourth rounds, respectively.

Won Sang-hyun, who was selected in the first round, said, “I’m really happy to join the powerhouse KT. I dreamed of being a starting pitcher while watching KT’s Choi Min-joon, and I’m excited to have him as a teammate and senior. I will try to lead the future KT starting pitching staff together with Choi Min-joon,” said Lee.

KT manager Lee Kang-cheol also said of Won, “I don’t think there is anything to teach him. His height is not bad,” and “I hope he gains strength. He looks skinny. You have to see for yourself, but his throwing balance is good and his changeup is good. I hope he can gain weight and gain strength.”

Second-round pick Yuk Cheong-myung said, “I’m happy to enter the professional stage that I’ve been dreaming of.” “I’m proud to be a part of a strong KBO team and will be a player who can contribute to the team,” he said confidently.스포츠토토

In the other rounds, KT selected Gyeongju outfielder Shin Shin-joon in the fifth round, Gyeonggi Airlines infielder Park Jung-hyun in the sixth round, Yushin infielder Park Tae-wan in the seventh round, Hanil Jangshin University pitcher Lee Geun-hyuk in the eighth round, Cheonan Bukil High catcher Lee Seung-hyun in the ninth round, Jemul Pogo catcher Kim Min-seok in the tenth round, and Jangan High pitcher Lee Seung-un in the eleventh round.

In total, KT selected 11 players, including six pitchers, two catchers, two infielders, and one outfielder.

KT President Nado Hyun said, “We worked hard to strengthen our depth by position according to our mid- to long-term strategic roadmap. We recruited the players we wanted according to the strategy we set in advance, and we expect all of them to become professional players with skills and character.”

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