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‘KIA vs SSG Showdown?’ Brooks, Tucker, Font, and Sanchez from the KBO compete for the big league in San Diego ST

It makes you mistake it for a KBO overseas battery training ground.

Many of the players invited to San Diego Padres Spring Training (ST) are from the KBO.

Aaron Brooks and Preston Tucker, who played for the KIA Tigers, and Wilmer Font and Angel Sanchez of SSG Landers (former SK Wyverns) compete fiercely to enter the big leagues.

Brooks, who was sentenced to probation for smuggling hemp jelly and smoking marijuana and was expelled from Korea, played for the St. Louis Cardinals last season, but after being demoted to the minor leagues, Brooks has been active on the Triple-A team ever since.

After being released from St. Louis after the season, Brooks signed a minor league contract with San Diego that guaranteed participation in ST.

Tucker failed to renew his contract after playing three seasons at KIA. He played for a Triple-A team affiliated with the Atlanta Braves last season. 토토사이트

Font played well for SSG last season, but did not renew his contract to return to the major leagues.

After a minor league contract with San Diego, his big league comeback was sought. He looks set to compete for San Diego’s sixth starting spot.

Sanchez played for the SK Wyverns before playing for the Yomiuri Giants in Japan. After returning to the United States after his contract with Yomiuri ended, he signed a minor league contract with San Diego.

It remains to be seen which of them will succeed in entering the big leagues.

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