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“Kim! Kim! Kim!” Naples fans, moved by Kim Min-jae’s mental strength…”Maradona Idol”

Reporter Kwak Him-chan = Naples fans like Min-jae Kim for a reason. His tremendous mental strength impressed everyone.

Napoli won 2-1 against Roma in the 20th round of Italian Serie A in the 2022/2023 season held at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy at 4:45 am (Korean time) on the 30th.

Kim Min-jae, who played as a starter on this day, was a little shaken in the first half, but soon his performance returned to normal. After that, Kim Min-jae’s ‘Showtime’ began. Paulo Dybala and Tammy Abraham (above Roma) were completely blocked, and all of Roma’s sharp crosses were blocked by Kim Min-jae’s clearing. 메이저사이트

Everyone knows that Kim Min-jae has excellent defensive and offensive instincts. Napoli fans know this well. However, it wasn’t just the defensive power that made Napoli’s fans impressed. It is ‘Korean spirit’. At the end of the second half, 6 minutes of extra time were given. Kim Min-jae suddenly started to run wild. Rome’s last wave of offensive was under way, but whenever a dangerous situation came, Kim Min-jae appeared and cut it off.

The Italian media ‘Arena Napoli’ said, “What surprised us was Kim Min-jae’s tremendous mental strength, which was maintained until the last moment.” Kim! The cheers

of the fans were no coincidence. Kim Min-jae drove the fans into a crucible of joy and excitement.

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