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‘Kim Kwang-hyun, Lee Yong-chan, Jeong Chul-won’ WBC sobriety trio could be punished? National team penalty would be ‘meaningless’

Now the focus is on possible discipline. The KBO needs to investigate further.

The WBC sulpan trio was exposed by a YouTube channel on the 30th of last month. Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG), Lee Yong-chan (NC), and Chung Chul-won (Doosan) were exposed by a YouTube channel on the 30th, and the three officially apologized to reporters at their respective stadiums on the 1st. The apology was voluntary, not imposed by the clubs.

Based on the three players’ interviews with their clubs, SSG, NC, and Doosan’s statements to the KBO, the three players’ apology press conference, and the KBO’s announcement of the interim results of the investigation on March 30, the three players drank alcohol at a snack bar in Akasaka, Tokyo, for about two hours between the night of March 10 and the early morning hours of March 11 after the WBC First Round game against Japan. They did not drink to the point of intoxication and returned to their lodging afterward. He was not accompanied by a female hostess.

The KBO will investigate their claims thoroughly. They are willing to send staff to the snack bar if necessary. If they are found to have engaged in behavior that is disrespectful to the KBO, the league will take disciplinary action. At this point, it’s hard to tell if the KBO will take action.

If they do, what kind of discipline will be imposed? Article 13 of the National Team Operating Regulations Discipline. 3. states that a disciplinary committee will be held for “those who have caused social problems. However, if the allegations are true, it’s hard to see how this can be considered a social issue if nothing new is added.

The KBO recently formed a power-enhancement committee headed by Cho Kye-hyun. While announcing the preliminary roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, the committee made it clear that it would be boldly excluding players with a history of drunk driving, gambling, and assault.

Therefore, if the KBO were to penalize the three WBC drinkers, we can expect a suspension (either partial or permanent) from the national team. However, Kim Kwang-hyun announced his retirement from the national team immediately after the WBC. Crucially, both Kim Kwang-hyun and Lee Yong-chan are 35 years old, making it difficult for them to be selected for future international tournaments.

Chung Chul-won, born in 1999, could take a hit if he is suspended. However, Chung has already completed his military service. Still, he has a bright future ahead of him, so this could be a detriment to his chances of competing internationally.메이저놀이터

Now that the WBC’s big three have apologized, the KBO’s stance is in the spotlight. Until the results of the investigation are in, it’s hard to make any assumptions. Kim Kwang-hyun has been suspended from the first team, while Lee Yong-chan and Jeong Chul-won have not been suspended from the first team. However, it is unclear if they will be able to pitch in practice until the results of the investigation are known.

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