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Kim Si-woo, who won the first competition after marriage “It couldn’t be better”

Reporter Kim Dong-chan = Kim Si-woo (28), who achieved four wins on the PGA Tour, was delighted, saying, “It can’t be better than this.”

Kim Si-woo won the PGA Tour Sony Open (total prize money of 7.9 million dollars), which ended in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the 16th (Korean time) with a final total of 18 under par 262 strokes.

Kim Si-woo, who won her 4th tour in two years after American Express in January 2021, added meaning to her first win since marrying Oh Ji-hyun (27), who won 7 wins on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour in December last year. .

Kim Si-woo, who won the first tournament of the year and the first tournament after marriage, said in an interview with a local broadcaster, “I was 3 shots behind until the 3rd round, but on the last day, I thought anything could happen, so I did my best in every shot.” It led to results,” he said.

When Hayden Berkeley (USA), who was competing for the lead, made a birdie on the 16th hole (par 4) and ran away by one stroke, the highlight of the match was that Siwoo Kim made a tie with a chip-in birdie on the 17th hole (par 3).

Kim Si-woo recalled that time, “I heard (cheering) sounds from the 16th hole.

When asked how he felt about winning his first tournament of the year, he said, “It couldn’t have been better.”

The following is a Q&A conducted online with Korean reporters.

— How do you feel about winning?

▲ I am happy to win 4 times. The 2nd win came quickly, but the 3rd win took a while. The 4 wins were a bit like that, but I am happy to win the first tournament of the new year.

— The Sony Open is a tournament that Choi Kyung-ju won in 2008.

▲ Like the 2017 Players Championship, I think I will follow suit in the tournament where Pro Choi Kyung-ju won. I think it’s a good thing for me because Pro Choi has won many championships.

— Did you feel the pressure to win?

▲ I got to the 2nd win quickly, but I think I was lucky. Afterwards, I was mistaken for being a bigger player, but that held me back. I put a lot of effort into trying to play my game again.

— You won your first competition after getting married.

▲ (My wife) Thank you for coming to the event. I was sorry that I couldn’t be with them as I was in the US preparing for the wedding. (Oh) Ji-hyun was also in season, but I am grateful for preparing for the wedding well, and I feel sorry for not being able to prepare with her.

— How have you been since you got married last December?

▲ After I got married, I came to Dallas and took a break for a week or two without joining a club. Last week, Jihyun and I came to Hawaii for a honeymoon, and we spent time like traveling while going out to eat delicious food together without stress. I haven’t practiced much since I got married, but I’m happy with my grades, and I hope my 2nd win this year comes sooner.

— Whether having a wife at the convention helps.

▲ A lot of power. I was able to laugh when I saw them walking together even in a tense situation, and my tension was relieved.

— The moment when you were sure you would win.

▲ The 17th hole chip, Birdie Before entering, I found out that Berkeley made a birdie. I was in a position with nothing to lose, so I did something aggressive, and the flow came to me. On the 18th hole, I thought that if I tightened my head and made a birdie first, it would put pressure on the other player, not me, but it came true. 먹튀검증

— What went well in this competition as a whole?

▲ Up to the second round, the shot went well, but the putt did not go well. It was a bit difficult to control the distance, but from the 3rd round, the distance was right, and there were many opportunities for short birdies. Today, I found a sense of psychological stability with consecutive birdies on the 1st to 3rd holes.

— You didn’t win last year.

▲ It was a disappointing year because I couldn’t go to the final game of the season and didn’t win. Still, getting a chance to compete in the Presidents Cup and competing with good players became an opportunity for me to grow.

— What is your resolution for next week’s tournament?

▲ The American Express is a tournament I won in 2021, and if the fans continue to support me, I will try my best to compete next week.

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