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Kim Young-chan, Chairman of Golf Zone, Honorary Ph.D. in Technology Management, Chungnam National University 

Golfzon Newdin Group Chairman Kim Young-chan announced on the 4th that he received an honorary doctorate in technology management from the Department of Technology Practicalization and Convergence at Chungnam National University on the 3rd. Chairman Kim Young-chan established Golfzon, a screen golf venture company in 2000, and has been evaluated as having laid the foundation for the development of the golf industry both inside and outside the goal. Golfzon Newdin Group has grown into a global golf platform company that provides services such as field golf, golf equipment distribution, and golf academy.크크크벳

Chairman Kim Young-chan continues to emphasize the importance of IT technology and talent management in group management. Accordingly, Golfzon invests about 5% of its sales in research and development (R&D) and recruits 40% of its workforce with R&D personnel.

Chairman Kim Young-chan said, “I sincerely thank Chungnam National University President Lee Jin-sook and the school officials who gave me the degree, our employees who have shared joys and sorrows together, and the Daejeon local community who have given me a lot of interest and love.” We will do our best to lead the development of technology and further showcase the excellence of Korea’s IT technology on the world stage.”

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