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Kiwoom, ‘SGC Partner Day’ at Lotte Exhibition Center on the 19th…Sita Ji Hyung-geun “The best memory of my life”

The Kiwoom Heroes, together with SGC Group, will host ‘SGC Partner Day’ at the game against the Lotte Giants at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea on September 19 at 2:00 pm.

SGC Partner Day is an event in which SGC Group, which has been a platinum partner for the past three years, will hold a group cheer and various giveaways for fans.

On this day, about 600 SGC employees and their families from SGC E&C, SGC Energy, and SGC Solutions will visit the Gocheok Dome to cheer for the victory of the Kiwoom.

On the occasion of ‘SGC Partner Day’, a roulette event called ‘NO Plastic, YES Glass!’ will be held in the hallway inside Gate B before the game to participate in the GlassLock Glass Challenge on SNS, and 1,000 participants will receive a GlassLock set, a Happy Family Mug Cup, and an official cheering towel.

During the game, various inning events such as ‘SGC Dance Time’, ‘SGC Trivia Quiz’, ‘SGC Lucky Glass’, and ‘SGC Ladder Game’ will be held to give away 6 sets of GlassLock Pure Candy Pink, 6 sets of Baby Graduated Baby Food Containers, 6 sets of ChefTop Woodhandle Square Egg Pans, and 6 sets of GlassLock Butter Yellow.

On the day of the ceremony, the mother of SGC E&C’s newest employee in 2023, Ji Hyung-geun, who works in the Strategic Planning Team, will sing, and Ji Hyung-geun will play the sitar.

“I am grateful to SGC and Kiwoom Heroes for giving me the opportunity to make the best memories of my life,” said Ji Hyung-geun. “I will support the team until the end, hoping that they can squeeze out the last bit of strength and go to the fall baseball.”스포츠토토

Meanwhile, SGC has signed a partnership agreement with Kiwoom for the third consecutive year, providing advertising, marketing, and various social contribution activities. The team will wear SGC Energy on the left side of their helmets, SGC on the left side of their fielding caps, and the logo of SGC and SGC E&C’s residential brand THE LIV on the top of the right shoulder of their uniforms. In addition, SGC advertisements will be displayed on the LED behind home plate and on the outfield fence.

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