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Korea, shocking 4th consecutive defeat at the International Crown… Failure to qualify for the tournament

 The ‘Taegeuk Women’s Corps’, which challenged for the second consecutive victory in the women’s golf national competition, Hanwha Life Plus International Crown (total prize money of 2 million dollars), was frustrated by its shocking 4 consecutive losses.

Korea, consisting of Ko Jin-young (28, Solaire), Jeon In-ji (29, KB Financial Group), Kim Hyo-joo (28, Lotte), and Choi Hye-jin (24, Lotte), took place on the 6th (hereafter Korean time) at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, California, USA. On the second day of the tournament held at (par 72), he lost 2 consecutive times in a four-ball match against Thailand.크크크벳

Korea, which belongs to Group B along with Australia, Thailand, and Japan, suffered two consecutive losses to Australia the previous day and failed to win even one win against Thailand.

On the same day, Australia recorded 3 wins and 1 draw (3.5 points) with 1 win and 1 draw over Japan, and Thailand, which won 4 consecutive wins over Japan and Korea, rose to first place with 4 wins (4 points).

As a result, even if Korea wins 2 wins in the final group match against Japan on the 7th, it will not be able to get a ticket to the semi-final tournament, which is given to the second place in the group.

This is the first time that Korea has failed to pass the group stage in this tournament, which was created in 2014 and celebrated its 4th this year following 2016 and 2018.

Korea tied for third place in 2014 and runner-up in 2016, and won the championship in front of home fans in 2018 held in Incheon.

Korea, which had ambitiously challenged for a second straight victory in this tournament held in five years, had to accept the disappointing report card of failing to advance to the tournament.

Ko Jin-young and Kim Hyo-joo, both of the same age, lost to Ataya Titikun and Pati Tabatanakit by 3 holes with 2 holes left.

Korea was balanced until the 7th hole, but gave the lead with Tabatana Kit’s birdie in the 8th hole (par 4). In the 11th hole (par 4), Ko Jin-young and Kim Hyo-joo both made birdies, but Tabatana Kit also caught a birdie and could not narrow the gap.

Afterwards, the 14th hole (par 4) was given, and the game ended with a two-hole difference, and even the 16th hole (par 4) was taken away.

Jeon In-ji and Choi Hye-jin-jo also lost by two holes to Thailand’s Ariya-Moriya Jutanugarn sisters, leaving one hole behind.

Korea suffered a sluggish performance as it was pushed back by a 3-hole car to 9 holes in the first half, and tried to close the gap in the second half, but it was not enough.

Meanwhile, in Group A, Sweden won 4 consecutive victories in two days and confirmed their advance to the semifinals.

The United States is second with 3 wins and 1 loss (3 points), and China is 3rd with 1 win and 3 losses (1 point). The team that advances to the semi-final tournament will be determined according to the results of the match between the United States and China on the final day.

England, on a four-game losing streak, was eliminated.

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