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Korean Air, KEPCO, OK Financial Group, KB Insurance, Announcement of Foreign Player Contract Renewal

With foreign trout ahead of the V-League men’s division, Korean Air, KEPCO, OK Financial Group, and KB Insurance have announced that they will renew contracts with foreign players.

The Korea Volleyball Federation announced on the 8th that “Korean Air, Korea Electric Power, OK Financial Group, and KB Insurance have decided to renew contracts with foreign players who were with us last season.”

According to the changed guidelines of the 2023 KOVO men’s foreign player tryout being held in Istanbul, Turkey, the 7 men’s clubs decide whether to renew the 토스카지노 contract with foreign players by 1:00 pm local time today (7:00 pm Korean time) and Notified.

As a result, Korean Air replaced Lincoln with a treble last season, KEPCO replaced Tais, who contributed to the first playoff victory since its founding, OK Financial Group replaced Leo, who broke the record for the most servings in a season last season, and KB Insurance. It was decided to renew the contract with Vijena, who joined as a player and played an active role.

As a result, the remaining three clubs, Hyundai Capital, Woori Card, and Samsung Fire & Marine are scheduled to select new foreign players. The order of nomination is based on the final results of the last season: 7th Samsung Fire Marbles 35, 6th KB Insurance 30, 5 25 OK Financial Group, 20 Woori Card 4th, 15 KEPCO 3rd, 10 Hyundai Capital 2nd, 5 Korean Air 1st, and then determined by lottery.

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