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KT director Song Young-jin’s big smile in the arms of ‘Supermoon’ “Seriously thinking about the role of captain”

“I’m seriously considering whether to take on the role of captain.”

On the afternoon of the 17th, Suwon kt signed a contract with Moon Seong-gon, one of the largest free agents, for a total of 780 million won in compensation for 5 years.

After parting ways with Yang Hong-seok, kt filled the forward gap with Moon Seong-gon. The joining of KBL’s best defender and 3&D resource ‘Supermoon’ brought a big smile from kt’s new head coach Song Young-jin.

Coach Song said in a phone interview with MK Sports, “I was lucky to recruit a good player. (Moon) Seong-gon is the best defender to the point where it hurts to say it twice. If (Heo) Hoon-i returns in mid-November and (Ha) Yoon-gi and other players work together, I think the fast basketball I want will be possible.”

Moon Seong-gon is the first KBL player to win the Best Defensive Award for 4 consecutive years. However, there is an evaluation that his attack is weak. His 3-point shot from the left and right corners has a high success rate, but overall his offense is somewhat undervalued compared to his defense.

Regarding this, coach Song said, “I think it’s because I’m relatively good at defense. From my point of view, the attack is average. relatively visible. Still, since you can average, it’s not a big problem if you hit it well.”

He continued, “He is a player who can make a mismatch. If the foreign players are well matched, Seong Gon will also be able to throw with confidence when the opportunity comes to him. He added that if he puts in the effort, we will enjoy great synergy.”

Currently, kt’s senior line has disappeared due to Kim Young-hwan’s retirement (current coach). Heo Hoon, who was evaluated as the next captain, will return only after the season. When a new leader is needed. Director Song seriously evaluated Moon Seong-gon as a new captain.메이저사이트

Director Song said, “I have heard a lot about Seonggon. He has leadership and has a good senior-junior relationship. He is said to be a player who can generously give advice to juniors. So he is deeply thinking about taking over as captain,” he said. Of course, this is something that needs to be discussed with the players, the coaching staff, and the club. I will think about it so that I can take it in a good direction.”

For kt, which is preparing for the 2023-24 season, the last puzzle is now foreign players. Since they have had problems with foreign players, they have to find foreign players who can aim for the championship along with the triangular formation of Heo Hoon, Moon Seong-gon, and Ha Yoon-ki.

Coach Song said, “First of all, foreign players are looking at a wide range. He has a lot of thoughts about a foreign player who will serve as the main scorer. He looked at me, saying, “I’ll try to find it well.”

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