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‘Lee Eul-yong’s son’ Lee Tae-seok and Seung-jun “I watched ‘Eul-yong-ta’ a lot”

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There is a soccer family like the ‘Three Fathers Huh’ of basketball.

Following their father, former manager Lee Eul-yong, their two sons also played for FC Seoul.

This is Reporter Song Ki-seong.

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Lee Tae-seok, a 23-year-old former national team player, is in charge of FC Seoul’s side defense.

Lee Seung-jun went straight to pro from Osan High School, a youth team in FC Seoul.

They are the two sons of Lee Eul-yong, a former coach who played a key role in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semifinals and is famous for the so-called ‘Eul-yong-ta’ to soccer fans. 카지노사이트

[Lee Seung-jun (younger brother)/FC Seoul]
“I saw (‘Eul-Yong-ta’) a lot. My friends around me talked a lot… (Soccer style) I resemble my older brother more. My older brother looks a bit…”

Players and leaders at FC Seoul Former coach Lee Eul-yong, who has experienced up to , is also happy to have a special relationship with the three fathers playing in the same team.

[Lee Eul-yong/Yongin City Soccer Center Manager]
“I feel good inside. Since Tae-seok is his younger brother, he will teach me a lot. I want to see him once and see how he does it.”

His older brother is a side defender and his younger brother is an attacking midfielder. Although their playing styles are different, the older brother Lee Tae-seok is helping his younger brother adapt quickly by playing games in Thai field training.

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