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 Left-footed defender, ‘first transfer’ Busan Ji-mook Choi “goal to minimize losses”

 “It’s still awkward…”

Choi Ji-mook (25, Busan I-Park), who changed his uniform in 2023, laughed shyly. Choi Ji-mook, who entered the professional league wearing a Seongnam FC uniform in 2020, took on a new challenge ahead of the new season. He experienced a miracle for the first time in his life. Choi Ji-mook plays in the Busan uniform this season.

On the 9th, Choi Ji-mook arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a winter training ground with the Busan team. It has been more than 10 days since he started training as a member of Busan. He said, “I transferred for the first time after coming to the pros. I was very nervous and worried. Fortunately, there are many players of my age. Contrary to what I thought, I am adapting quickly. I don’t do it, but thanks to that, I’m adapting well.”

He is a left-footed defensive resource that is not common in Korean soccer. This is why at the beginning of last year, Paulo Bento, then national team coach A, called Choi Ji-mook to check. Also, Choi Ji-mook can play a variety of positions. He can stand as a left-back when he is a four-back. After starting his professional career, he also played as a three-back center back. He said, “My original position is left fullback. I came to the pro and played center back. It fit better than I thought. In fact, Busan’s formation is different from what I have experienced before. Fortunately, I seem to have adapted while training.” 바카라사이트

Busan stayed in 10th place in the league in 2022. We are going to restore honor for the new season. The starting point is defense after all. Busan recorded 52 runs in 40 games last year. Choi Ji-mook said, “The coach is a defender. He carefully teaches each and every little thing on the field. He is very passionate. There are many things to learn from watching.”

He said, “I was confident after returning to the national team at the beginning of last year. However, due to poor results in the league match, my confidence was very low. As we prepare for the new season, we are focusing more on our team goal. Our goal is promotion. Everyone is the same. It must be the heart. At least we have to advance to the promotion playoffs (PO). I am a defender. Last year, Busan lost a lot. I want to minimize the number of goals this year. He gave strength to his voice.

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