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LG players preparing for the quarterfinals with SK, which has won 12 consecutive wins

 How are LG players preparing for the semifinal playoffs with SK?

Changwon LG recorded 36 wins and 18 losses in the regular league. It was tied with Seoul SK, and the opponent’s record was the same, but it took 2nd place to go directly to the playoffs in the quarterfinals with a +5 point lead in the difference in score.

Assem Marey, who can be said to be 50% of the team’s defense, met with an injury. With two weeks to spare, they recruited Reggie Perry to fill Marey’s position and prepare for the semifinal playoffs.

SK, which finished third behind LG, easily beat Jeonju KCC in three games in the semifinal playoffs and confirmed its advance to the semifinal playoffs. Starting from the 6th round, SK is currently on a 12-game winning streak.

How are LG players preparing for the match against SK, which is on the rise?

Lee Kwan-hee said, “SK knows how we do it, and so do we. If Marey had been there, I think he would have gone to the championship game without incident.” Worried about adapting Moreover, the first foreign player I meet is Jameel War,” he worried about Marey’s vacancy.온라인카지노

Jeong Hee-jae said, “What we expected (in the playoffs in the 6th round) was to go up to the 5th game and come up hard. It didn’t go the way we wanted. I saw an article, and Kim Sun-hyung said that it was us (LG) who were burdened. Rather, SK will be a burden. We played as underdogs from the start of the season, and we overcame the fact that others didn’t appreciate us. SK was a candidate for the championship even before the start of the season, and the players are also very good.” We will always face SK with a challenging spirit. Basically, the defense of the linear brother and Warney should be good. We’ve been good at defending all season, so we have to defend both players well.”

Im Dong-seop, who transferred from Seoul Samsung during the season, said, “The atmosphere is so good. Since we are a team with strengths in defense, the key is how to block the line or Warney, who is the center of SK,” he said. I don’t have Marey, but I plan to do my best even for Marey.”

Lee Jae-do said, “I watched all three of SK’s six-final playoff games. He did well too. We moved up to 2nd place, but the atmosphere is messy because Marey is missing, and SK is a little better. It seems that the situation has changed rather than SK challenging us. You have to enjoy it,” he said. “SK will not have any burden, and we will not have any burden. I think it’s okay to enjoy it like Hyung-hyung said. No one knows what the outcome will be. (To beat SK) Everything has to work out. In particular, the fast attack that SK is best at should be reduced. He said, “Since there will be a certain amount of (scores) coming out to Hyung-hyung and Warney, we have to reduce other easy points as much as possible.”

Kim Jun-il explained at length what he felt after watching SK’s game.

“Warney is doing very well. Other teams will be similar. (When defending Warney) He had a good right hand, so he used to open the defense with the left, but now the attack with the left is very good. He usually doesn’t finish with his left hand and mostly with his right hand. Left hand finishing is good now.

On days when (Yatoo) didn’t go in, I didn’t go in until the end, but especially after the 6th round, Warney has a lot of confidence, and it gives me the feeling that everyone will go in. Warney wasn’t a good passer. Bukyung hyung moves well, but Warnie, who tends to deal with double teams himself, even passes well. Bukyung hyung moves so he can’t help, but if he does help, Warney gives him a pass. If you don’t help defense, Warney puts it in too easily.

When Sun-seon tries to block him hard, Bu-gyeong creates a perfect opportunity for him. Pukyung passed well even hyung, so their breathing is really good. Watching the video, I’m thinking about how to stop it. The movement of the three is not a system, but the role division is clear, so it is very difficult to block.”

Yoon Won-sang said, “It’s important that our offense goes well, but if we block SK’s quick attack so that it doesn’t go well, we’ll be able to play a good game.” I couldn’t have delayed it. (SK) always played like that even in the regular league. I think it will be very fun.”

Can LG overcome the disappointment of missing Marey and advance to the 3rd championship match in the team’s career by defeating SK?

On the 14th, at 7:00 pm, LG will play the first leg of the playoff against SK at the Changwon Gymnasium.

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