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Lim Chae-min embraced at the end of courtship… Jeju, defense height + experience ‘upgrade’

Jeju United will ‘upgrade’ with the joining of Lim Chae-min (33). After a long courtship

, Jeju succeeded in recruiting defender Lim Chae-min . The transfer process has been completed, and only announcements are left. He is a defender with a height of 188 cm. His strength lies in his strong defense and fighting for air supremacy. The K-League is suffering from a shortage of central defenders. Lim Chae-min is a top-notch resource that many teams want. In particular, Lim Chae-min is rich in experience, having played 221 games in the K-League. He worked with Yeon Je-woon in Seongnam. He has worked with Jeju coach Nam Ki-il, so it is expected that there will be no difficulties in adapting. Jeju’s defensive lineup, including Lim Chae-min, Yeon Je-woon, Jeong-woon, and Song Joo-hun, has become considerably thicker. Jeju, which goes back and forth between three-back and four-back, cannot be more reassuring. Depending on the tactical change, the combination can be changed according to the opposing team. Above all, Jeju had difficulty managing physical strength after the summer due to the away movement 메이저놀이터. This can also be solved with smooth rotation. Also in the third line is Choi Young-jun, a defensive midfielder who is armed with vigorous activity and excellent defense power. He was captain all season. If Choi Young-joon even synergizes with the defense team such as Lim Chae-min and Yeon Je-woon, Jeju’s back door can become impregnable. Goalkeeper Kim Dong-jun, who is called to the soccer team, is also alive and well.

If the back gate is stabilized, Jeju’s striker utilization can also be diversified. Midfielder Koo Ja-cheol can be deployed forward, and Kim Joo-gong can also display active attacks in the second line. Here, offensive resources such as Hayes and Kim Seung-seop are expected to be given a more aggressive role.

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