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Lowry traded to Miami… ”Also recognized by close friends”

 “His best friends also admitted that he needed a trade.” According to

Miami Heat reporter Greg Sylvander’s report on the 7th (Korean time), the Miami Heat are looking to trade Kyle Lowry.

According to reporter Silvander, Miami is eager to trade Lowry. Most of all, most of Miami’s players believe that Lowry’s trade is good for them and for the team.

“Lowry’s best friends need a trade, too,” reported Silvander. Although he did not mention his real name, it is likely that he was referring to Jimmy Butler. Butler is one of the players most involved in recruiting Lowry and has a strong relationship with Lowry. 바카라사이트

a sobering reality. Lowry, considered one of the best players ever produced by the Toronto Raptors, will wear a Miami Heat uniform ahead of the 2021-2022 season, but all indicators are the worst since his debut as aging comes along.

In particular, Lowry has played in all 44 games this season, recording 12 points and 4.3 assists per game. 39% field goal rate, 33% 3-point shooting success rate. Efficiency is not very good.

Miami is a team that calls for a challenge for the presidency, but it is only 6th in the East this season. I can’t help but point out the productivity of the main point guard. And from Lowry’s point of view, it might be helpful to go to a team that has more ball touches than Miami and has a point guard-oriented system.

His teammates admit the trade is necessary, and the club’s leadership is “full of enthusiasm” to pass the Lowry trade. This is why the prospect that his trade will be made in the near future continues.

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