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Mallorca’s price tag on Lee Kang-in “Give me at least 20 million euros!”

It is said that the Spanish club Mallorca has set a policy that it will have to pay at least 20 million euros (about 29.1 billion won) to Atletico Madrid, which is known to want Lee Kang-in.

According to Spanish media <As>, Atletico Madrid hopes to strengthen its power by recruiting Lee Kang-in in preparation for the 2023-2024 season. Considering that the relationship between Lee Kang-in and Mallorca is quite strained, most predict that the separation between the two sides after the end of the 2022-2023 season will be an established fact.

Mallorca is also expected to accept Lee Kang-in’s transfer at the highest possible price rather than forcibly catching him. In the midst of this, <As> reported that Mallorca set a minimum of 20 million euros for Kang-in Lee’s transfer fee. Considering that Mallorca recruited Lee Kang-in as a free agent, if the transfer is completed, it will leave a considerable profit.메이저사이트

For reference, if Mallorca transfers Lee Kang-in for 20 million euros, this will be the second-highest transfer fee in the history of the Mallorca club. Mallorca transferred Samuel Eto’o to Barcelona in 2004 for 27 million euros (approximately 39.3 billion won). Currently in second place is once-sensational striker Diego Tristan, who left for Deportivo La Coruna for a transfer fee of 17.75 million euros (approximately 26.2 billion won).

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