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[MD Planning-Elementary 1st trial Controversy ①] The scene of ‘distrust, distrust, dissatisfaction’ is chaos… Up to the 1st trial ‘rejection’ situation

On January 18, the Korea Football Association (Soccer Association) held a board meeting and decided to change the existing 2-judge system to a 1-judge system from 2023. It is a policy that changes the soccer environment of Korean soccer dreamers 180 degrees. It is an important matter for the future of Korean football. For this reason, a cautious approach is needed, a consensus among members must be formed, and above all, it must be a policy for children. However, the conflict began at the same time as the first trial system was implemented, and the controversy is growing as time goes on. There was a gap between the ideals of the Football Association and the reality of the field. In response, ‘My Daily’ covered in depth the problems of the first trial system and the causes of conflict, and published a total of three series, including voices from the field, the position of the Football Association, and the revelation of a veteran coach

. With the introduction of the personnel system, the 2-trial system was implemented, and after 4 years, the 1-trial system was changed, and the Football Association drew a rosy future. The Football Association emphasized at the ‘2023 Korea Football Association U-12 Leaders Conference’, “Through the first referee system, we can develop respect for each other, such as referees, players, and managers, and achieve effects such as nurturing referees.”

It was just an ideal. Reality was flowing in a completely different direction. In order to check how the 1st trial is actually progressing, ‘My Daily’ visited an elementary league site in a region last month. The scene was truly ‘great chaos’ itself.

The scene was dominated by ‘three lights’. It is ‘distrust, distrust, dissatisfaction’. The confusion that started with the football association’s discord led to the distrust of the referee by the coach, players, and parents, and as the distrust grew, it reached a situation where complaints ran rampant. In addition, the voices of dissatisfaction of the referees broke out.

It can’t be a situation where the question of ‘who is the first trial for’ is raised.

◇Disabled – Football Association’s one-way

1-sim system The Football Association went one-way. The Football Association gathered elementary leaders and held the ‘2023 Korea Football Association U-12 Leaders Conference’ to educate the first-trial system, and did not collect public opinion or hold public hearings. It is tantamount to unilaterally notifying the referee and the players and forcing them to implement the first trial system.

This discord between the football associations became the starting point of the conflict. It is a natural reaction since I went to the field without hearing enough explanation about the implementation of the first trial system.

One referee I met at the site confessed, “I found and listened to the training of the first referee system, and referred to Japanese cases. However, I did not hear anything from the Football Association regarding the implementation of the first referee system.”

Another referee also confessed, “I haven’t heard from the Football Association the exact reason or explanation of the situation as to why the first trial is being held. It seems that negative aspects are growing as I am directly playing the first trial.”

One coach said, “It’s a kind of notice, but it’s true that we have to follow the Football Association. However, it’s unfortunate that we haven’t heard a detailed explanation of the effects of the first trial.”

One parent who responded to the interview emphasized, “I didn’t hear any special explanation when implementing the first referee system. It’s okay in league games, but it seems necessary to flexibly increase the number of referees in finals and important games.”

Another parent said, “I didn’t hear any special explanation. I only confirmed that it would change. It would have been nice if I had gathered opinions and asked for understanding. It is wrong to proceed one-sidedly. I have to follow the rules, but it is true that parents are very dissatisfied.” poured out

◇Disbelief – Damage to children due to misjudgment

One referee sees what two referees saw, so of course the number of misjudgments inevitably increases. As misjudgments increase, distrust in referees grows. When that happens, the protests increase, the intensity of the protests increases, and the distrust increases, creating a vicious cycle.

One coach said, “The referees’ situation is not good. Protests still happen often, but in intense or high-stakes matches, bigger protests can come out.”

Another director explained, “Of course, it seems that I can’t pinpoint it more accurately than the 2-judge system. I heard education about the 1-judge system, but in the training, of course, if it changes to the 1-judge system, the accuracy of the judgment may be lower than the 2-judge system, so I asked for understanding.” .

There was also an opinion that all elementary school leaders were against it. One coach said, “At first, all the coaches were against the first trial system. There are soccer association circumstances and there will be referee circumstances. In any case, since the first trial system has been changed, it is correct to understand, but the protests seem to be increasing. Personally, I don’t want to protest, but there is a difficult part to continue with the first trial system. The atmosphere at the scene is negative. The situation needs improvement.”

He also added, “It has become an ambiguous situation for the children. If there are many referees, it is correct for the elementary school to do the same as the middle school, and it is better for the children. We are teaching the children to play to the end in situations where they have to leave the line.”

One parent argued, “The first judge system does not conform to the trend of modern football, where video review (VAR) has also appeared and more detailed judgments are made. Misjudgment can hinder the growth of young players.”

Another parent criticized, “I think it’s difficult to have a 1-judge system. In particular, a situation where children lose their chance due to a wrong referee during the game can occur. It doesn’t seem right to reduce the number of referees to one in an era where even VAR is used.” .

Another parent expressed regret, saying, “I think it was a wrong decision. One referee can’t catch everything. I can see misjudgment coming from the parents watching the game.”

The players are also full of distrust. In fact, I could often see players protesting against the referee at the stadium. It was easy to witness a player asking, “Isn’t it offside?” One player expressed regret, saying, “It is inconvenient because there is only one referee. It is difficult to make an accurate judgment.”

Even the referees are admitting their disbelief.

One referee acknowledged, “In the first trial, it is natural for the leader to have distrust of the referee and for the referee to talk about the leader as well.”

Another referee said, “To be honest, it’s hard to see offside or getting out of the sideline. It’s hard because the amount of running has increased. It’s true that it’s a burdensome situation for referees. There are more protests from coaches.”

◇Dissatisfaction-Elementary referee avoidance phenomenon

As distrust grows, discontent explodes. Dissatisfaction among coaches, players and parents is the same. The key is misunderstanding. It is that they cannot have fairness, which hinders the growth of young players. demanded improvement. What should be noted here is that the complaints of referees are no less than the complaints of coaches, players, and parents.

This flow of distrust acts as a huge burden on referees. It seems that the referee has become a ‘public enemy’ in the elementary school. The referee is also a victim. It has come to a situation where it is spreading to the ‘avoidance phenomenon’ of elementary school referees. In other words, an ironic phenomenon is occurring in which all members of the elementary school first trial system become victims.

One leader said, “I heard that referees are hesitant to apply for elementary school because of strong protests from youth leaders.”

In fact, the referees’ dissatisfaction is on the verge of an explosion.

One referee said, “Referees try to see as accurately as possible, but they are human, so they make mistakes. Moreover, there are situations in which it is difficult to judge during the first trial. Confessed.

Another referee also pointed out, “Recently, referees don’t want to use the 1st referee system. Manuals are still lacking and opportunities are gradually decreasing. Female referees are also worried about the 1st referee system. Recently, all referees prefer middle school competitions.” did.

◇Jeonnam Football Association-I reject the

1st trial The controversy over the 1st trial led to the rejection of the 1st trial. Jeonnam Football Association rejects the 1st sim system and implements the 2nd sim system. National competitions inevitably stick to the 1-sim system, and regional weekend leagues adhere to the 2-sim system. This is a crucial scene that shows the adverse effect of the one-way traffic of the Football Association.

1 trial is compulsory. However, Jeonnam violated the rules. Why did Jeonnam make this choice? It was an unavoidable choice to reduce the error rate and train referees.메이저사이트

An official from the Jeonnam Football Association said, “At a time when there is a lot of talk about the high rate of misjudgment in the 1st referee system, we are using the 2nd referee system. The more important reason is referee training. In our region, there are 30 5th grade referees, the most. There is no place for them to play in the game. Through the 2-judge system, 5th grade referees enter the sub and play, grow, and nurture them, so Jeonnam decided to proceed with the 2-judge system. We also need to develop referees. . Then you need game experience.”

He continued, “I didn’t get permission from the Football Association. However, I don’t think there is a problem because only the budget for the first judge is received by the Football Association, and the budget for the remaining one is supported by Jeonnam. Shouldn’t we applaud it? The Football Association may see it badly, but Jeonnam’s will is stubborn,” he emphasized.

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