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Michael Müller, the new chairman of the power reinforcement committee, “reviews the next national team coach in a blank state”

Michael Müller (58, Germany), head of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Strengthening Committee, announced that he would reconsider the appointment of the next Korean national soccer team coach from scratch.

On the 11th, Chairman Muller held an inauguration press conference at the Seoul Soccer Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and disclosed the standards and procedures for appointing the next national team head coach. First of all, he said, “I received a list of candidates from (Lee Yong-soo), but now I am reviewing (appointing a director) with all possibilities open in a blank state,” and said, “I plan to mobilize my personal network.” He added, “We have to think internationally,” implying that, in effect, foreign coaches are being considered as candidates for the next command tower.

He also presented clear criteria for appointing directors. He said, “We set five standards: expertise, experience, clear motivation, teamwork ability, and environmental requirements.” explained.

Chairman Mueller said, “We will make a list of candidates that meet the criteria, conduct interviews, and then evaluate them.” Described the selection process.

In particular, he emphasized that he would also look at how well he understands the philosophy of Korean football in the process of making the candidate list. Chairman Muller said, “I think it is important to know what Korea wants and how it has been done.” Regarding the contract period, he avoided a definite answer, saying that it could change depending on future negotiations, but added that he prefers to have a successful relationship through a long-term contract.

Chairman Müller said that the opinions of the players will be reflected in the process of appointing a coach. “My role is to be a communicator,” he said. “I plan to fully communicate with the staff as well as the players.” 바카라

As Chairman Mueller reviews the process of appointing a director from scratch, it is expected that future schedules will also be changed. Initially, the association announced that it would appoint the next national team coach by the end of next month and start an A-match in March. However, Chairman Mueller uses the Korean expression ‘quickly, quickly’ and said, “In the football business, it is difficult to predict a specific date. It is more important to go in the right direction than speed,” he emphasized.

Chairman Muller, who served as a national team coach and scout for each age group before coming to Korea, took office as an association leader training instructor in April 2018 and established a relationship with Korean soccer. Since then, he has served as the technical development chairman twice to establish mid- to long-term policies for Korean soccer, and has received favorable reviews from soccer officials for introducing the 8-8 game in elementary school.

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