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‘Miracle of the 28th place in team salary’ Tampa Bay, the first ever & 138 years of record pouring

 The Tampa Bay Rays are breaking major league records in every game. 

Tampa Bay won 8-3 against the Houston Astros at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA on the 25th (Korean time). 

Tampa Bay, which tied the record for the most consecutive wins in the major leagues with Atlanta in 1982 and Milwaukee in 1987, with 13 consecutive wins in the opening season this season, has broken the opening winning streak, but is still setting a major league record. Tampa Bay, who hit home runs in 22 consecutive games in the opening game, did not score a home run in the game that day, so the record stopped, but in the last game, it already achieved the highest record, surpassing Seattle in 2019 (home run in 20 consecutive games in opening)., the official major league media outlet, said, “Tampa Bay is rewriting the history books every night. It has already become the fourth team in major league history to record 13 consecutive wins, the longest in club history. And as the first team to hit a home run in 22 consecutive games in the opening game, the game finally ended without a home run.” 

“We don’t have to hit a home run to win a game,” Wander Franco said. But in every aspect of the game, we are playing really well and proving it.” 

Tampa Bay recorded a 20-3 win rate of .870, becoming the first team to reach 20 wins among 30 clubs this season. The overwhelming major league overall winning percentage is 1st. said, “Tampa Bay is the 7th team to record 20 or more wins in the first 23 games since the beginning of modern baseball. Only Detroit in 1911 and the Dodgers in 1955 did better. The 92-point margin is the highest ever, surpassing Pittsburgh’s 88 in 1902.” 

The opening home win streak continues. With this victory, Tampa Bay ran 14 consecutive home wins, surpassing the 2009 Dodgers (13 consecutive wins). Prior to the 20th century, there were 21 straight home wins by the Chicago White Stockings in 1880, 16 straight home wins by the Detroit Wolverines and 1884 St. Louis Maroons in 1886, and 14 straight home wins by the Chicago White Stockings in 1885. It is the best record. The record of 14 consecutive home wins in the opening season came back after 138 years.메이저사이트

Taj Bradley, who became the starting pitcher and became the winning pitcher that day, said, “Looking at the scoreboard, it seems like a new record is broken every day. Oh, I have a home run record. He now holds the record for the most consecutive wins at home and the most consecutive wins in club history. It seems like I have to say, ‘What kind of records will come out tomorrow?’” he laughed. 

What is surprising is that Tampa Bay is a small market team with a low total team salary. According to Spottrak, a media specializing in sports contracts, Tampa Bay’s payroll is about $74.56 million (about 100.1 billion won), which is only 28th in the major leagues. 

Fans are very interested in what records Tampa Bay, which is causing the miracle of a small market team, will set in the future. /

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