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Nasool’s consideration…KIA No. 2 is not available for the time being ‘Only Kim Do Young is taking the course’

“This season is it, next year’s camp…”

An anecdote about KIA signature star Na Sung-bum (34) passing on weight training techniques to his ‘rehabilitation comrade’ Kim Do-young (20) has been widely publicized. Na Sung-bum had a calf injury and Kim Do-young had an ankle injury, so lower body weight training was impossible. Na Sung-bum, who had already mastered weight training in his NC days, actively passed on his upper body weight training know-how to Kim Do-young, a second-year pro.

Kim Do-young also recognized the ‘Nasool’ effect. Her upper body actually bulked up. Her power improved through the weight training she learned from Na Sung-bum, and she has been producing long hits every day since her comeback. Kim Do-young said that he has firmly attached fun to weight training.

Na Sung-bum was proud of his junior’s strong performance, but he wasn’t satisfied with that and dotted the second student. Choi Won-jun (26), who retired from Sangmu in June and has been playing as a leadoff. In Na’s opinion, Choi Won-jun’s weight training is somewhat lacking. He thinks he can be a better hitter if he adds power.

Na declared that he would teach Choi Won-joon how to do weight training like he did Kim Do-young. However, when they met after the Suwon KT game on August 8, he said something unexpected. “I think this season is over, and I’ll have to wait until next year’s camp,” he said.

This means that he will not accept Choi Won-jun as a student of Nasool No. 2 this season. What does it mean? In fact, it’s a gentle gesture toward Choi Won-jun. Weight training and bulking up is good, but it’s not a situation or stage that Wonjun can accept at this time.

“Won-joon is a very thoughtful person. He’s very sensitive to the outcome of each at-bat,” said Na. Baseball is a 144-game long race. It’s not good to get too caught up in one game and one at-bat. However, Na Sung-bum said that Choi Won-joon was a bit too sensitive.

It’s not right or wrong, good or bad. It’s just Choi’s style. It’s not good for a player who is not good at baseball to be too quiet and reserved. Won-jun Choi is also a player with a great desire to be good at baseball. In 20 games, he hit .227 with 17 hits in 75 at-bats, four home runs, 11 runs scored, and three stolen bases. Obviously, he’s not satisfied. He’s been slumping.스포츠토토

He’s bouncing back with a .278 average in his last 10 games. But the way Na sees it, Choi is still under a lot of stress. He doesn’t think weight training would have much effect on him.

“He knows how to do weight training now. You can just tell him to do it. He doesn’t have a sensitive personality. He and I still do weight training together these days. This season, I think I’ll have to work with him only.”

Na hasn’t given up on training Choi Won-jun. It’s just a senior’s gentle consideration for his junior. He wants to wait until Choi Won-joon is at least a little bit removed from the stress of baseball and can take him up on his offer. Na Sung-bum is a pillar of Kia off the field as well. It’s not easy to find a senior like him.

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