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NBA Daily Injury Report (February 3): Possibility of absence of 3 GSW key players who play a back-to-back schedule ↑

 It is news that Golden State is likely to go to the Den version while giving the main players a break.

Reporter Anthony Slater of ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that it was unclear whether key players, including Klay Thompson (32, 198cm), would participate in the away game against the Denver Nuggets held by the Golden State Warriors on the 3rd (Korean time).

Golden State suffered a come-from-behind loss against Minnesota the day before, failing to keep a 14-point lead. In the back-to-back schedule against Denver, the possibility that Golden State will come out after giving rest to key players has been raised. Golden State played in the Cleveland back-to-back away game on January 21st, omitting many of the key players. Golden State, whose backup resources performed unexpectedly at the time, won 120-114 against Cleveland.

First of all, it is known that there is a possibility that Stephen Curry (34, 188cm) and Draymond Green (32, 198cm) will be absent, while Thompson, who is under strict management for back-to-back matches, has confirmed his absence. 메이저사이트

Along with this, the Los Angeles Lakers, who are going to Indiana, have Patrick Beverly (34, 185cm), who missed the previous game, Anthony Davis (29, 208cm), and LeBron James (38, 38), who are on the list as questionable. , 206cm) confirmed his participation in the match. According to reporter Mike Trudell, the Lakers will start with Schroder-Beverly-Hachimura-James-Davis. For reference, James still has 89 points to the all-time high.

Indiana also announced the comeback of the day’s game by starting guards Tyrese Halliburton (22, 196cm) and Daniel Theis (30, 203cm), who had disappeared from the fans’ eyes due to injuries, and which players were named on the injured list in the game on the 3rd. We have summarized how they raised the game, and how the long-term injured players are returning to the court. [Injury update as of February 3rd, 8:00 a.m. KST]

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