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“New York M, very disappointed with Corea” contract cancellation mood ↑, MIN reappears

 The New York Mets are in an atmosphere of giving up Carlos Correa (28).

The two sides, which are in the process of renegotiating due to medical issues, have not been able to solve the clues of the agreement.

In this regard, reporter Andy Martino, a New York local sports media outlet, said on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time), “The Mets club is seriously considering canceling the contract itself as the disappointment in the negotiations with Correa is growing.” “The contract is in progress, but we will not be able to reach an agreement in the end,” he said. Reporter Martino said, ‘I spoke to an official who knows directly the atmosphere of the Mets’ negotiations.’

Reporter John Heyman of the New York Post also said on the same day, “Agent Scott Boras has made new contact with at least one or two clubs other than the Mets. Negotiations with the Mets have crumbled at least once or twice.” As for the new contact, the St. Paul Pioneer Press pointed to Correa’s home team, the Minnesota Twins.

NBC Sports also said, “Free agent shortstop Carlos Correa’s roller coaster offseason seems endless. The New York Mets expressed disappointment in the negotiations with Correa and are in an atmosphere of withdrawing from the recruitment war.” 안전놀이터

After agreeing to a 12-year, $315 million contract with the Mets on the 21st of last month, Correa revealed a medical issue during a physical examination, and the final agreement has been put on hold.

Correa injured her right ankle while sliding to third base during a game in 2014 while playing Single-A for the Houston Astros and underwent surgery. Just like the San Francisco Giants, who tentatively agreed to a 13-year contract worth 350 million dollars and then canceled it, the Mets also took issue with Correa’s calves and ankles and demanded revision of the terms of the contract.

Since a 12-year contract is equivalent to a lifetime contract, it seems that the Mets are looking for a solution through club options and incentives, even if the total amount is maintained. The key is whether Correa accepts this, but he is holding on, saying that he has never missed a game because of an ankle or calf in the last 8 years after surgery. However, the prevailing view is that his persuasiveness is poor.

Correa is a player prone to injuries. Last year, he was placed on the injured list twice in Minnesota with a bruised finger and confirmed coronavirus. He also suffers from chronic back pain. From 2016, his first full-time season, to last year, Correa had only 76.5% of his appearances against his entire schedule over the last seven years.

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