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No salary adjustment in Toronto… Bisset, who topped the AL record for most hits, signed a 3-year contract

Shortstop Bo Bisset (25, Toronto Blue Jays) agreed to a multi-year contract to avoid salary adjustments.

Local media, including Yahoo Sports in the United States, reported on the 8th (Korean time) that Bissett signed a three-year contract with Toronto. The currently known contract size is 33.5 million dollars (42.16 billion won). It is a structure that receives 6 million dollars (7.6 billion won) in 2023, 11 million dollars (13.8 billion won) in 2024, and 16.5 million dollars (20.76 billion won) in 2025. Bissett, who qualified for annual salary adjustment this winter, demanded 7.5 million dollars (9.45 billion won) and confronted the club, which offered 5 million dollars (6.3 billion won).   온라인카지노

Toronto had signed 11 of 12 players eligible for salary adjustments, including Vladimir Guerrero Jr. When Bisset’s contract is announced, he will end his player contract this year without any salary adjustments. The $2.5 million gap between Bisset and Toronto was the largest along with Kyle Tucker (Houston Astros) among players facing salary adjustments. Tucker, like Bisset, is currently unsigned, asking for $7.5 million.

Bisset was selected with the 66th overall pick in the second round of the 2016 draft. He made his big league debut in 2019, establishing himself as the starting shortstop. He played in 159 games last year, hitting .290 (189 hits in 652 at-bats) with 24 homers and 93 RBI. He rose to the top of the American League (AL) most hits for two consecutive years and became a representative player for the team.  

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