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Oh Hyun-gyu broke up with the manager as soon as he went to Celtic? “Amicably even if parted”

 Correspondent Ban Jin-hyeok = As soon as Oh Hyun-gyu went to Celtic, rumors of a breakup with the manager were raised.

Leeds United have parted ways with manager Jesse Marsh on the 6th. It was a decision about poor performance, such as not being able to widen the gap with the relegation zone.

Leeds is currently building a team under the acting manager Michael Skubala, and the search for a head coach is in full swing.

Leeds’ radar was caught by Celtic manager Enze Postecoglu, who had recruited Oh Hyun-kyu.

Postecoglu is from Australia and built his career in Australia, Greece and Japan before taking the helm of Celtic.

Postecoglu has been carrying out the Celtic command tower duties since June 2021 and was recognized for his leadership with two gold medals last season.

He is known to have his own unmistakable style of football, which Leeds are keeping an eye on.

Mark Schwarzer, a former member of the Australian national team and active as a football expert, mentioned Postecoglu’s future through England’s ‘Sky Sports’. 메이저놀이터

“My guess is that Postecoglu is not leaving Celtic,” Schwarzer said. The relationship with the team and the fans is so important to him.”

“How far behind the Rangers were Celtic just two seasons ago. I think the performance that Postecoglu has shown is phenomenal. He’s doing well in Scotland. There are some things that are slightly underestimated,” he applauded.

“Even if Postecoglu parted ways with Celtic, it would be off-season and they would part ways on friendly terms. Because it’s his way,” he said, confident that he will not put down the baton right away.

Oh Hyun-kyu moved to Celtic from Suwon Samsung through the winter transfer window and advanced to the European stage. As soon as he joined, rumors of a breakup with the director raised their heads, but it is said that it will not happen right away.

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