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 Oh Seung-hwan, ‘Guardian God’ Visiting Hanshin Ginoza Stadium

Oh Seung-hwan of the Samsung Lions, who played an active role as the former ‘guardian’ of the Japanese professional baseball Hanshin Tigers, visited the Hanshin Tigers Ginoza Stadium in Okinawa, Japan, watched the practice game between the teams, and expressed his determination for this year.

On the 19th, ahead of the away game between Samsung and Hanshin, Oh Seung-hwan visited Okinawa Ginoza Stadium with the game team to greet his old teammates and meet with local fans.

During the 2014-2015 season, Oh Seung-hwan took charge of the back door at Hanshin and continued to play an active role as a ‘guardian’. In Hanshin, he returned to leave a deep impression locally, winning the Central League salvation king for two consecutive years with 39 saves in his first season and 41 saves in his second season.

Oh Seung-hwan said, “Many of the players I played with at Hanshin either became coaches or left the team. It was nice to see my old teammates who remained. I am grateful that the fans and colleagues welcomed me.”

Prior to this season, Oh Seung-hwan, who left the club a blank salary and moved to Okinawa, Japan, to prepare for the season, is concentrating on training to make the best condition until the start of the current season.

Looking back on last season, Oh Seung-hwan said, “Everything was lacking, it was regrettable, and it was a year that I felt sorry for the fans. I told the fans about my goal before the season started, but this year, I will do my best to show a winning game from the opening game.” said

As infielder Kim Sang-soo left the team as a free agent, Oh Seung-hwan remained as one of the few players from the dynasty era who experienced an integrated league championship at Samsung. He said, “There is a part where the experience of winning is a definite motivation. Players should feel (the experience of winning) themselves. In particular, young players are working hard, so I am looking forward to bringing the atmosphere of the old dynasty.” He added, “I think it’s worth looking forward to if the young players get good grades in the process of establishing themselves.”

If Oh Seung-hwan adds 8 saves this year, he will step on the record of 500 saves in Korea, the U.S. and Japan. On top of that, if he catches 30 saves, he will climb the untrodden heights of 400 saves in the KBO League career.

Regarding this, he expressed his determination, “My current physical condition is good enough that I can start playing the game right away. Until now, I haven’t talked about my goal for individual performance, but this time I want to achieve it as quickly as possible to get rid of the burden.”

On the other hand, in the practice match between Samsung and Hanshin held at Ginoza Stadium that day, Samsung lost 0-10, including a grand home run. 먹튀검증

Kang Han-wool (3rd baseman) – Kim Dong-jin (2nd baseman) – Koo Ja-wook (DH) – Kim Tae-hoon (left fielder) – Kim Jae-seong (catcher) – Lee Seong-gyu (right fielder) – Gong Min-gyu (1st baseman) – Kim Jae-sang (shortstop) – Kim Sang-min ( Center fielder) in the starting lineup, and except for Lee Seong-gyu, all left-handed hitters were put forward. Among them, Kim Dong-jin’s hit in the top of the 4th inning exceeded the third baseman’s height and reported the team’s first hit that day. Gong Min-kyu and Lee Byung-hun also reported one hit each.

Starter Jang Pil-joon gave up 1 walk, but induced a fly ball for 2 innings and blocked it with no runs. In the 7th inning, pitcher Park Joo-hyeok was on the verge of a bases loaded runner, and right-hander Lee Seung-hyeon, who was replaced and came on the mound, hit a home run with the bases loaded.

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