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“Ohtani hits this?” 10 billion hitters admiring the 13.2 billion ace ball, WBC expectations UP

 NC Dinos Chang-mo Koo (26) digested the first live pitching of the spring camp.

On the 13th (Korean time), Koo Chang-mo conducted live pitching at the spring camp held at Reed Park Baseball Field in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He tuned his pitching sensation, throwing a total of 25 pitches. The highest speed was 143 km/h.

Gu Chang-mo, who said, “It’s been a while since I set up a batter and pitched,” said, “It wasn’t bad overall. There are still some things that I feel sorry for when it comes to fastballs and breaking balls. I think it will be okay if I play a little more,” he said live pitching.

Park Kun-woo, who faced Gu Chang-mo at bat, said in his first at-bat, “Uh-huh Ohtani is hitting this?”, “It’s sexy. You’re sexy!” and saved Gu Chang-mo’s energy. However, in the later at-bats, he made a big hit against Chang-mo Koo. If Koo Chang-mo, who will play for the WBC national team to be held in March, pitches against Japan, there is a high possibility that he will face off against 2021 American League MVP Shohei Otani (Angels).

“I think the hitters have prepared well. I threw it without regret,” said Chang-mo Koo, who laughed, “I threw it with about 90% power. Restraint doesn’t seem bad. More will come as the season progresses. We are preparing well, not much different from previous years.” Then, regarding his conversation with Park Gun-woo, he said, “I talked about such a part because the batter can feel it better. I didn’t say anything special.” 온라인바카라

In December of last year, Chang-mo Koo signed a super-large extension contract with NC for up to 13.2 billion won for 6+1 years. This year, the first season of his extended contract, is expected to be an important season for Koo Chang-mo. Park Kun-woo, who came to NC for 6 years and 10 billion won last season, is spending the second year of the transfer. Both players are selected for the WBC national team and lead the national team together.

“Today, I threw with the WBC official ball. Gu Chang-mo, who said, “I think I have adapted to some extent,” said, “Now the pitching schedule is over for the team. Next time, I will throw in the national team. There are practice games with our team, so there is nothing much different. If I get away from the team, I think I will think of the team from then on.”

Koo Chang-mo, who boasts the best pitch among the national team pitchers, is likely to pitch in important games such as matches against Australia and against Japan. Fans are looking forward to what Chang-mo Koo, who has been steadily picking up the pace, will show at the WBC.

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