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‘One Team’ Kim Eun-Joong-ho had a shaky moment…a hilarious aftermath

“I’ve had managers and coaches say, ‘I can’t hear the lyrics. The song is loud. It’s not a song unless you can hear the lyrics.”

Kim Eun-joong-ho, who shined as a member of the “One Team” at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023, also had a moment of conflict. It started with a song selection.

On the 21st, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Jongno, Seoul, held a media day for the U-20 World Cup keeper. Four members of the national team were present at the event. They were goalkeeper Kim Jun-hong (20-Gimcheon Commerce), midfielders Bae Jun-ho (20-Daejeon Hana Citizen) and Lee Seung-won (20-Gangwon FC), and forward Lee Young-joon (20-Gimcheon Commerce).

They joined the U-20 national team, led by Kim Eun-joong (44), and excelled at the World Cup in Argentina from May, reaching the quarterfinals. Before the tournament, they were criticized as the “valley generation” because they had no star players. Furthermore, there were few players who had played in the K League, so not many people expected them to perform well.

However, Kim Eun-joong-ho drew the attention of fans with his excellent organization and performance in every game. The defense, which shone as the “One Team,” drew praise from soccer fans. When he arrived in Korea on the 14th, many fans gathered to applaud him.

However, there was a moment when the “One Team” Kim Eun Joong Ho was shaken. It started with a song selection.

Kim Eun-jung-ho played several songs on a giant speaker in the training center to liven up the atmosphere. When So Jun-il, the host of the event, asked him about the speaker, he said, “I like to listen to songs. It wasn’t this big at first, but every time I went somewhere, the speaker got bigger. Before this tournament, Coach Lee Chang-hyun personally brought the speaker and said, ‘Let’s liven up the atmosphere’.” He continued, “We played a lot of recent songs that were exciting, but the director and coach said, ‘The songs are too loud. I can’t hear the lyrics well,’ and they chose another song,” he said.

His roommate Bae Junho said, “I have the same taste in music as Young Jun. But I don’t think it was good for adults to hear,” he laughed. It was an unexpected “generation conflict.

Despite the song selection hiccup, the players were united in their gratitude to their commander.

Bae Joon-ho said, “This is something that all of the players can agree on, but Kim Eun-joong has always been the center of the team in a calm way.” Lee Seung-won added, “I trusted him from the first call-up. There was no pressure on my performance, and I learned a lot from him.” Lee Young-jun said, “I think my skills have improved after meeting Coach Kim Eun-joong. I am very grateful for the opportunity.” Kim Jun-hong also reflected, “The results were good when we did what he asked us to do, and I was able to trust and follow him more.”온라인카지노

Now that they’ve made it to the top four, they’re turning their attention to the K League fans. “Now it’s our turn to repay the fans for their support,” the players emphasized. Lee Seung-won said, “The club even made us special uniforms. The fans have been giving us a lot of support. We want to repay them with good results,” he said.

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