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“Only 10 ground ball outs” Pittsburgh, comforted by the rookie’s good pitching, ‘defeated’

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who lost by a large margin after a lethargic game, took comfort in the good fight of the rookie selection.

Pittsburgh lost 1-10 in a home game against the Colorado Rockies held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 10th (Korean time). This loss made it 21-16.

It was disappointing that I lost 4 runs in the 4th inning. If you go deeper, it was regrettable that there were defensive mistakes from the first and second bases. It was good that first baseman Carlos Santana caught Ryan McMahon’s ground ball well and threw it to second base, but the throw hit first base runner Elias Diaz’s hand and fell backwards. The official record was recorded as a catch error by the shortstop.

In an interview after the game, coach Derek Shelton expressed regret, saying, “If the throwing ball hadn’t hit the runner’s hand in that scene, everything would have changed.”

After that, ground balls continued to hit against Jurickson Profar and Ezekiel Toba, but they could not be connected due to double play, and the number of runs increased. Toba’s batted ball went to the front of the second baseman, but Bae Ji-hwan directly tagged the runner on first base and failed to lead to a double kill.

It wasn’t a bad choice. It was because the batted ball was too slow to connect with a double play. Nevertheless, manager Shelton expressed regret, saying, “I had to throw it to second base and try to play double.”

That’s why the 4th inning was a very disappointing inning. Conversely, it also means that starter Luis Ortiz did just as well.

Appearing in the big leagues for the first time this year, he recorded 7 hits, 1 home run, 1 walk, 1 strikeout and 5 runs (2 earned) in 5 innings. He conceded a lot of runs, but as the non-earned score suggests, he wasn’t properly helped by the defense.

Coach Shelton said, “I caught 10 ground ball outs. He was also good at maintaining restraint. His only mismatch was a home run he allowed to Pro Par in the second inning,” he praised the starter’s pitching.

“I think he pitched well aggressively into the strike zone,” Ortiz said. The pitch was good. He controlled well low and induced a ground ball. There were things I couldn’t control, but I think I did well,” he said, self-reporting his pitching.메이저사이트

On this day, he had a sinker with an average speed of 96.7 mph, a four-seam fastball of 96.8 mph, a slider of 86.9 mph and a slight changeup. His changeup is also good, so he continues to throw it. He will get better,” he said, conveying confidence in his pitching.

If the batting line had helped, his pitching could have been more brilliant. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that today. Pittsburgh hitters went 1-for-8 with 10 on base in scoring position. They couldn’t get away from the sluggish attack that has been going on lately.

Manager Shelton said, “I need a hit. He had a chance, but he didn’t make it out as planned. This is an issue that we will focus on discussing. Even if only a few batted balls fall on the grass in the outfield, the burden on hitters will be relieved.”

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