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Painkillers and protective pads in the All-Star game… Shin Young-seok “I will show you the charm of men’s volleyball”

“I even prepared painkillers and braces. I’m really serious.”

Shin Young-seok (37, KEPCO) talked about his belief in the All-Star Game and his sense of responsibility as a veteran of men’s volleyball.

After the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Pre-All-Star Game held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 28th, Shin Young-seok said, “It was nice to have such a matchup. I was curious about who would win when the dream team met. It’s not easy to feel it in the middle of the day. But this time I felt that feeling again and it came close to me. I’m serious enough to bring painkillers and protective gear.”

Reflecting the trend of the MZ generation, this All-Star game will compete against each other by forming teams of male M-Stars and Z-Stars born before and after 1995, and female M-Stars and Z-Stars born before and after 1996. Unlike last year, when 1 set was held for women with 15 points per set, 2 sets for men and women mixed, and 3 sets for men, a total of 4 sets of 15 points per set were played.

Regarding the changed method, Shin Young-seok said, “In the meantime, the All-Star Game was a bit stressful that the players had to save themselves and just have fun. But this time, it was really good that the best players gathered. ) and future representative players (Z-stars), it seems like there will be a lot of issues just by sticking together.”

Going one step further, he conveyed his thoughts on the All-Star Game, which he had pursued mainly for fun. Shin Young-seok said, “Personally, I think the men’s and women’s divisions should be separated. If we split it into two days like this year, Saturday is the men’s division and Sunday is the women’s division, and so on.” 메이저놀이터

“Like last year, I admit and accept that men’s volleyball is far behind in terms of popularity (to women’s volleyball). In the past, I didn’t know because men’s volleyball was more popular, but recently, women’s volleyball players have achieved good results in international competitions. “As a volleyball player, I think it’s something to celebrate and I think we should follow suit,” he said, feeling a sense of responsibility, “(at least in the All-Star Game) if we play separately from each other, the charm of men’s volleyball will be more I think there are many things we can show you.”

Men’s volleyball players are fully prepared to play the best game in this all-star game with a true sword match. The Z-Star juniors even created a separate group messenger room to discuss how they would perform in the All-Star game, while the M-Star seniors focused on managing their physical condition. Kim Min-jae (20, Korean Air), who became the representative of Z-Star, expressed confidence, “I am only thinking about winning against the hyungs seriously. I am confident that I will win.”

Then, Shin Young-seok said, “Looking at the power difference, many fans will think that it will not be easy (for juniors to seniors). So I don’t know how far to control my strength. I’m worried that I won’t be left as a senior who hurt young dreamers.” shook. In response, Kim Min-jae raised the atmosphere by replying, “I think we will realize how much we lack and work harder if our seniors do it with all their might.”

He asked fans to feel the special charm of men’s volleyball. Shin Young-seok said, “I think there are so many fans who want to see men’s volleyball, such as strong spikes or flying bodies, rather than dancing. “I think there will be a ceremony that is possible because it is an all-star game. If the ceremony is really serious and the ceremony is fun and provides a lot of things to see, I think the expectations for the men’s all-star game will be a little higher,” he said. He expressed his will to catch them all.

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