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“Park Dong-won also runs… 70% success rate is enough” LG dreams of a 9-person, 9-color baseball team 

5 stolen bases in the previous 4 games. The steady efforts of the LG Twins, which have changed since the appointment of manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop, stand out.

However, in the game against the Lotte Giants on the 18th, 7 stolen bases suddenly came out. Each of the seven players scored one. Literally, whenever I saw an opportunity, I made up my mind and ran. As a result, two checkers (recorded as stealers) came out, but Lotte Battery’s soul was taken out.

On the 19th, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop explained, “It was not a special order. It has been prepared since the camp, and it is coming out under the leadership of coach Lee Jong-beom and Kim Min-ho.”먹튀검증

“It’s not about preparing. You have to move aggressively and aggressively on the field. The team color that all players can play is a big advantage for LG. Stealing is an attack. The probability of misfire increases. The catcher’s ball distribution is also limited. Being able to shake the opponent’s catcher is a huge advantage. So, I think you only need to succeed 7 times out of 10. There is a lot to be gained by taking 3 failures.”

If the player in front of you goes to third base, an ordinary floating ball becomes a sacrifice fly. As a sacrifice hit, the batting average also gains. An ordinary infield grounder is also a double hit if it comes from runner 1st base, but if it comes out from 3rd base it leads to an RBI. Manager Yeom said, “There is a difference of more than 5 wins between a team that moves and a team that does not move,” and emphasized, “I play harder for my teammates? This is more real team play than bunts or team betting.”

“There is no player who doesn’t run. Park Dong-won also runs right away if the opponent throws it comfortably. If you check it? You only have to run when the opponent is off guard. It is important that the image of running is imprinted.”

Regarding the first confrontation with Kang-Nam Yoo, Director Yeom said, “Han Hyun-hee’s slide step is a bit late… but it’s not that he’s running blindly”, but “It’s important to instill confidence. I want to show various scoring routes, from pitching to kicking.” said.

On this day, Yoo Kang-nam struggled by allowing 3 stolen bases and even recording a foil (fastball). Park Hae-min in the 2nd, Oh Ji-hwan in the 4th, and Shin Min-jae in the 7th stole second base. There was no ceremony by Oh Ji-hwan, but Yoo Gang-nam’s throw also fell short of expectations. There was never a contest situation at second base. On this day, LG won Lotte 5-2, winning three consecutive victories in demonstration games.

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