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Park Hang-seo’s Golden Hwanhyang “Thanks to Vietnam… 2-3 more years as director”

Head coach Park Hang-seo of ‘Ssaldink’ has returned home after playing football in Vietnam.
Coach Park revealed his future plans, including nurturing young Vietnamese footballers and his future.
This is reporter Kook Young-ho.

Director Park Hang-seo, who returned home using the ‘lifetime free pass’ provided by Vietnam Airlines, enters the arrivals hall with a bright smile.

Coach Park, who completed his 5-year partnership with Vietnamese football, first expressed his gratitude to the people of Korea and Vietnam for their support.

▶ Interview: Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnamese national football team coach
– “I came back to Korea. Vietnamese people and soccer fans. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me in difficult times.”

Director Park had a busy schedule, such as having a commemorative dinner with the Vietnamese Prime Minister and receiving a commendation letter with coach Lee Young-jin, whom he shared the joys and sorrows of.

We plan to continue our relationship with Vietnam, such as drawing a blueprint for fostering young footballers in the country.

▶ Interview: Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnam national football team coach
– “I think it’s most desirable to maintain a relationship (with Vietnam). I’m thinking of making a certain link in youth soccer.”

His activities as a football manager are also still in mind.

However, Vietnam, which had a beautiful farewell to Korea with many juniors, is excluded from the selection. 온라인카지노

▶ Interview: Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnamese national football team coach
– “I have a plan to (challenge) for 2-3 years physically, and I have a plan to (challenge) one more time.”

Coach Park, who temporarily returned to Korea for 2 nights and 3 days, will return to Korea next month to pioneer another soccer career.

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