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Park Se-jin’s debut goal and Ko Jae-hyun’s key goal… Daegu FC defeats Gwangju FC with gum

I did this with my gums instead. Despite the absence of key foreign players, Daegu FC defeated Gwangju FC in the ‘Moonlight Derby’. For Daegu, which does not have a strong player base, it is all the more welcome because the victory was achieved amidst the performance of young players.

Daegu, which played an away game in Gwangju in the K League 1 Round 13 on the 13th, raised concerns by missing several key players from the team. Edgar and Keita, as well as Sejingya, the nucleus of the team’s attack, were excluded from the starting members, and the name of Hong Jeong-woon, who takes the center of the defense, disappeared from the starting list.

Daegu is a team whose main strategy is ‘first defense, then counterattack’. In order to succeed in counter-attacking opportunities, which are not many, quick and sharp movements and a wide view of the field for out-of-the-way passes are required, and it was regrettable that the main attacking team with such skills was missing.

On this day, instead of Sejingya and Edgar, veterans Lee Geun-ho and Kim Young-joon stood at the forefront of the attack. From the start, Daegu crouched down with the line down. The idea was to counterattack after blocking the attack, but the game did not proceed as expected. Gwangju’s defense was fast, so Daegu didn’t create a single shot opportunity in the first half. Gwangju also failed to score due to lack of detail in the attack.

The flow of the game changed in the 18th minute of the second half. The situation changed when Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon put Baselus in place of Kim Young-jun. As Basellus moved quickly and vigorously on the left flank, Daegu’s offensive and defensive transition accelerated.

Immediately after the player change, Daegu scored a goal. In the 19th minute of the second half, Baselus passed the ball to Hongcheol, who passed it to Sejin Park on the left side of the penalty box. 19-year-old rookie Park Se-jin succeeded in scoring a goal into the right corner of the opponent’s goal with a sensational kick without delay.

Daegu, which gained momentum, launched a counterattack once again, and 24-year-old Ko Jae-hyun added one more goal. In the 31st minute of the second half, Baselus broke through the opposing defenses and broke through the side, passing it to Park Se-jin, who passed the ball to Lee Jin-yong. Lee Jin-yong sent a pass to the center of the goal, and Ko Jae-hyeon scored a goal.메이저놀이터

Daegu won their 4th win of the season with a fierce counterattack. Particularly noteworthy was the confirmation of the potential of the newly formed attacking team. Attacking midfielder Park Se-jin, who scored his debut goal on the professional stage, moved actively while playing at the forefront of the attack in the second half. It was an activity worthy of being called ‘Sejinya’ compared to Sejinya. Baselus added speed to the counterattack with quick and sharp movements.

After the game, Park Se-jin, who was evaluated as the ‘future of Daegu’ by coach Choi, said, “The hyungs are helping me by the side and holding on. “I will be,” he said.

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