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Pinch hitter AVG .333 showed competitiveness, but Choi Won-joon was discharged…Lee Woo-seong in crisis, more desperate

Is a crisis an opportunity? 

The KIA Tigers made a surprise trade with the NC Dinos on July 6, 2019. They recruited outfielder Lee Woo-seong (28) and gave up outfielder Lee Myung-gi (35), who was playing as a starting pitcher. The purpose of the trade was clear. It was to get a young Uta Geopo. Lee Woo-sung was a 25-year-old young prospect at the time. 

The media interpreted it as an investment for the future. Lee Myung-gi was a hitter who was traded with Kim Min-sik from the SK Wyverns in 2017. That year, he showed off a high batting average of 3.3 and 2.0, playing as a leadoff. He won the regular league and the Korean Series. In 2018, he recorded a batting average of .302. 

At the time of the trade, Lee Myung-gi was recording 2.8 pun3. It was a time when I suffered from chronic ankle pain. KIA boldly handed over 32-year-old Lee Myung-gi, who was a 30% hitter in his career. Lee Myung-gi wore the NC uniform and returned as a 30% hitter in 2020 and contributed to the combined victory. As a result, NC enjoyed the trade effect. 

Lee Woo-sung failed to establish himself as a geopo. He was unable to hold the position due to poor batting. He got his chance and went 87 at bats in 32 games, but only went 1/7 with 3 home runs. He played four seasons until last year, but never had a full-time or regulation plate appearance. In 2020 and 2021, he played 67 at-bats and 100 at-bats, respectively. He had no home runs in two years and hit one home run in 2022.

The 2022 season wasn’t easy either. The 15 billion free agent Na Seong-beom joined as a built-in right fielder, and the place became narrow. In spring camp, he competed for the starting spot in left field. He gave up the start of the opening game to rookie Kim Seok-hwan. In May, it seemed like he was getting the starting lineup with an active hit. The sluggishness came again and gave way to Lee Chang-jin. He was a frequent bench start and only got occasional starting opportunities.  먹튀검증

Still, there were results. He entered 80 games and 137 plate appearances, posting a batting average of . He had 12 RBI and 23 runs scored. His highest OPS since his debut was 0.736. He also served as an excellent right-handed hitter. His pinch hit average was . 3 3 3 Lee. He also made a big catch to catch the game as a back-up in right and left field. Even as a major runner, he received applause for his desperate play. I was in group 1 for 178 days. He was only missing 12 days. 

The 2023 season, which marks the fifth year of transfer, is also focused on fierce competition for survival. Like his last year, he competes in left field with Lee Chang-jin and Kim Seok-hwan. If last year’s sophisticated hitting is saved, there is a possibility of starting. However, two months later, Choi Won-jun finishes his military service and is discharged. If Choi Won-joon returns, there is a high possibility that the outfield will be newly formed along with Na Seong-beom and Socrates. 

But it’s just a simple perspective. Lee Woo-sung is still young at 28 years old. He is more sincere than anyone else and has a big heart for the team. That’s why last year’s growth in hitting and defense gives birth to expectations that he will do more than that. He has a difficult season this year, but he has enough ability to be a winner. A crisis is an opportunity 

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