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Professional baseball is a race against time… “Reduce the playing time”

A faster game without any tedium, which is the direction that American baseball is pursuing by applying a time reduction rule. 

Chasing speed is the same in Korean professional baseball.

This is Reporter Jeong Yoon-cheol.

Japanese baseball star Ohtani prepares to pitch.메이저사이트

However, the referee stopped Ohtani and declared the ball.

This is because it violated the ‘pitch clock’ rule introduced by the major leagues this season.

If the pitcher and batter miss the time limit, the pitcher is awarded one ball and the batter is automatically awarded one strike.

Ohtani also fell victim to the new rules as a hitter.

He missed the time limit at the plate and lost one strike.

Some players are still outraged by the unfamiliar rules.

Ha-seong Kim’s teammate Machado struck out over time while touching the glove, and eventually became the first player to be sent off.

Seriously, this happens too.

Bottom of ninth inning, 2 outs loaded with bases full count situation.

The tension was at its peak, but suddenly the match ended.

This is because the batter automatically struck out after the time limit.

[Replay tone]
“Three strikes! This is baseball in 2023!”

The pitch clock introduction is working.

The game time, which was 3 hours and 9 minutes last year, was reduced by 31 minutes.

[Jamie Ferritt / American Baseball Fan]
“It’s hard to see players touching their glove every time they pitch. (Thanks to the new rules) I think more fans will come to the ballpark.”

Domestic professional baseball is also striving for a faster game.

KBO, which reduced the manager’s mound visit time this season, set the average game time to 3 hours and 5 minutes.

The goal is to shorten it by 6 minutes compared to last year.

This is Channel A News Jung Yoon-cheol.

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