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 Putting in 12 directions, find your own ‘fit’ position

Putting is an area where even a weekend golfer can reach the level of a pro if he practiced it the right way. If you lay down the basics and build up your own putting big data, your score will inevitably decrease rapidly.”

Stephen Sweeney (39, Ireland), who is considered the best putting instructor on the PGA Tour these days, has a style that inspires confidence from the way he speaks. Having served as a player on the DP World Tour (European Tour), he has been playing with top players such as Colin Morikawa (USA), Sergio Garcia (Spain), Shane Lowry (Ireland), Lee Kyung-hoon, Joaquin Niemann (Chile), and Mito Pereira (Chile). are guiding Seeing him, who came to Korea last year, give putting lessons to Lee Gyeong-hoon along with Kim Gyu-tae, a short game specialist who runs his academy in Korea, there were a lot of things that caught my attention as a weekend golfer. When outdoor activities are not easy due to the bitter cold of winter, spring golf will be more enjoyable if you strengthen your putting skills based on the contents delivered by world-class putting instructors.

◇ ‘World’s most comfortable’ putting address

Kyung-hoon Lee is a top player who has won the PGA Tour twice. He also said that there are times when he is not sure about putting at a crucial moment. He said that he did not know how to make a proper putting stroke to roll the ball in the direction he wanted and at the speed he wanted.

Sweeney took a picture of Lee Gyeong-hoon putting with his putting mirror and alignment stick on his smartphone and looked at them together to find out what to improve. He said, “Putting addresses are so diverse that they can be said to be very different, such as Jack Nicklaus and Michelle Wie, but the basic principle must be adhered to.” he explained. Coach Kim Gyu-tae said, “It is easy to check whether the correct impact is made by practicing overlapping coins and knocking out the coin on top.”

The putting stroke should be done without artificial force, like a pendulum movement. A good putting address is to position your body so that the pendulum movement is natural.

Stand with the outside of your feet shoulder-width apart and the club head down perpendicular to the line of your nose, pit, and navel. The ball is then placed under the left eye. It is said that PGA Tour players stand with an upper body tilt of 70 to 80 degrees on average. A comfortable posture is obtained by adjusting the inclination of the upper body and lower body so that the armpit collar line falls perpendicularly to the front of the knee and the top of the foot. The ball position is based on the position when the ball is dropped vertically under the left eye. Because each person is different, it is said that it is always good to measure the distance between the tip of the toe and the ball with a ruler at the address when the putting stroke comes out most accurately and keep it constant.

◇ Creating big data in a virtual clock

Some golfers are strong on the slice line, and some golfers are strong on the hook line. He can increase his success rate if he knows how to make mistakes in any situation. What practice method would be good? Creating a virtual clock with a radius of 3m centered on a hole with a high top and a low bottom, and practicing in 12 directions while identifying your own characteristics is a good way to accumulate big data. 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are straight downhill and uphill slope lines. It starts in four directions and gradually increases to 12 directions. If you know your putting big data, you can target a place where you can make a good next putt even when taking an approach shot. 온라인바카라

◇Choose the right putter for you

It is also important to choose a putter that suits your putting tempo and style. If you are a golfer who putts slowly and close to a straight line, it is better to use a mallet putter with a thick back. If you are a golfer who has a fast tempo and the putter head moves in an arc shape, a straight blade putter is good. It’s good to use a metronome app to find out what tempo you feel comfortable putting at. It is said that a tempo close to your heart rate is good. The PGA Tour average is 80 BPM and the LPGA Tour average is 76 BPM.

Sweeney said, “It’s good to have fun training by using equipment or exchanging feedback with colleagues.”

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