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‘Raheweight Living Legend’ Ovince Saint Prue loses by knockout in 49 seconds – UFC FN 219

In the light heavyweight match of ‘UFC Fight Night 219’ held on the 19th, St. Prue was knocked out by a left hook from Philip Lins in the first inning.

Saint Prue is 39 years old, but he is a light heavyweight legend who defeated tenor Voser and Mauricio Shogun. 바카라사이트

He knew how to properly cook Rins, who was losing three times in a row, losing to tenor Voser, as his performance was still intact.

However, he couldn’t even fight properly and was knocked down by Rins’s hook.

Rins attacked St. Prue with confidence when light fists entered one after another in the early stages and caught a big fish.

Saint Prue recorded 26 wins and 17 losses in MMA and 14 wins and 12 losses in UFC, while Lins recorded 16 wins and 5 losses in MMA and 2 wins and 2 losses in UFC.

For Lins, the former 2018 PF L Heavyweight Champion, this win was the most impressive win in the UFC.

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