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Reinforcing Jeju’s goal… Following Kim Hyung-geun, Kim Geun-bae also made a complete transfer.

Jeju United completely transferred goalkeeper Kim Geun-bae, who was on loan.

On the 6th, Jeju announced that it had renewed the contract for one year with a complete transfer with veteran goalkeeper Kim Geun-bae, who played an active role as a rental in 2022. He also announced a three-year renewal contract with midfielder Kim Bong-soo.

Kim Geun-bae is a veteran who debuted in Gangwon FC in 2009. In July of last year, he moved from K League 2 Gimpo FC to Jeju on loan. Recruited to fill the void left by backup goalkeeper Moon Kyung-gun. In particular, Kim Geun-bae also had experience working with coach Nam Ki-il at Seongnam FC (K-League 2 at the time) in 2018. At that time, Kim Geun-bae participated in 23 games.

After moving to Jeju, he played in 4 games, supporting the main goalkeeper Kim Dong-jun. In the 27th round with FC Seoul, he was also named in the best 11 of the round with a good show. Coach Nam Ki-il said, “He is a great player who shows the reason for a veteran’s existence. I hope he will be the pillar of Jeju this year as well.”

Kim Geun-bae said, “I am very grateful to Jeju for making it possible for me to prove my worth on the K-League 1 stage. My role will remain the same in 2023. There are many good goalkeeper juniors in Jeju, such as Kim Dong-jun and Kim Hyung-geun. I want to compete, and my experiences have become a source of nourishment for their development and growth.”

Previously, on the 5th, Jeju also recruited goalkeeper Kim Hyung-geun from Seoul E-Land in the K League 2.

Midfielder Kim Bong-soo played in 33 matches last year. His presence was clearly shown to the extent that the club said, “It is no exaggeration to say that it is the persona of coach Nam Ki-il.” 안전놀이터

Coach Nam Ki-il also said, “Even at a young age, he is a player with a high level of tactical understanding and efficient positioning play. He has good interpersonal defense and a stable build-up starting from the right foot, so he can even use the right stopper. It can’t be that the future of Jeju is really versatile.” praised

Kim Bong-soo said, “It was my dream to debut on the professional stage. I have to run more for Jeju, which made that dream come true. I am really satisfied if I can contribute to the team in any position. I am really happy that I signed a contract with me. I will repay your trust and trust with my skills on the pitch.”

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