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‘Return to pro in 2 years’ Cheonan Yoon Yong-ho, “I eagerly prepared at K3”

“If there is one thing I felt while playing from K League 1 to K3 League, I think it is more appropriate for a player to play in the K3 League than not to play in K League 1. I moved to Cheonan with the thought that I had to play .”, and I prepared more earnestly.”

Yoon Yong-ho, who played in the K3 League and returned to the professional league with Cheonan, was more mature.

Cheonan City FC held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island at 2:00 pm on the 8th.

The reporters met Yoon Yong-ho, who became a ‘franchise star’ in Cheonan. Ahead of this season, Cheonan underwent a large-scale reorganization of the team, but Yoon Yong-ho is already in charge of the team’s midfield as a third-year player. With the professionalization of the team and the joining of K-League 2, Yoon Yong-ho naturally returned to professionalism after two years.

Yoon Yong-ho, born in 1996, went through Maetang High School and Hanyang University before joining Suwon Samsung in 2017 and his ability was recognized early on. However, he spent 2019 on loan with Daejeon Citizen and Jeonnam Dragons in difficult competition for the starting pitcher. Afterwards, he dreamed of a comeback in Seongnam and Incheon, but could not find a place.

Yoon Yong-ho could not play a single game in Incheon in the 2021 season, and his sense of practice was lacking. However, the team that embraced him was Cheonan (Cheonan City Football Club at the time). Cheonan recruited Yoon Yong-ho to reinforce midfield resources in the transfer market in the summer of the 2021 season under coach Kim Tae-young, and ran the road to success without missing first place in the league until the end of the season.

The following year, Yun Yong-ho’s performance shone even brighter. In the 2022 season, Cheonan said goodbye to manager Kim Tae-young in the middle, and as key resources left, Cheonan fell to the bottom and faced a relegation crisis to the K4 League. However, Yoon Yong-ho recorded 10 goals and 4 assists, playing an active role as the team’s highest scorer and raising the team to 10th place.

Cheonan turned professional ahead of this season. Cheonan, which took its first steps in the National League as a Cheonan City soccer team in the past, has been steadily preparing for professionalization at the club level.

Yun Yong-ho, who is already in his third year at Cheonan, returned to the pros after 2 years in 2021. Let’s hear how Yoon Yong-ho, who has been with Cheonan steadily during his growth process, feels about returning to the pros.

When I first came to Cheonan in 2021, wasn’t it difficult to adapt to a football different from the existing one

? At first, I didn’t know, but now, as I left the game, I realized that I was lacking in that part. Even when I first came to Cheonan, I focused more on defense than offense. 슬롯사이트

Unlike the existing confident attacking midfielder or central midfielder that season, he also played a lot defensively. It might not have been awkward, but

(Cho) Jaecheol hyung helped me a lot defensively, so I played without much pressure.

Let’s talk about the K3 League. The K3 League, especially the Cheonan fans, aren’t they passionate?

At first, there were some people who didn’t know me because I didn’t play. Now that we are in the K-League 2, I hope more fans will come to the stadium.

He ranked first in the regular league in the 2021 season, but lost to Gimpo in the championship game by conceding a theater goal.

Even when I played for about 70 minutes and then came on as a substitute, we were winning 2-0. And I was on the bench and suffered a come-from-behind loss, and it was bleak.

Still, in the second season, 2022 season, he perfectly adapted to the K3 League.

Personally, I think it was a little better than the first year, but the team performance was not good. Still, in the second half, we did better than expected, so we finished well.

I have an idea to play more games than the previous season rather than setting a separate goal to see if there is a specific new goal set for each season.

He scored 10 goals last season and was the team’s top scorer despite being a midfielder. My team couldn’t decide whether there was an order from the team, so there was

a part where I was a little more greedy, but it seems to fit well.

Returned to pro after 2 years. It seems to have a special resolve.

I went from K League 1 to K3 League. If there is one thing I felt, I think playing in the K3 League is more appropriate as a player than not playing in the K League 1. As a player, he has to play the game. There was also news that Cheonan was preparing to go to K-League 2, so I thought that I had to prepare well after transferring to Cheonan.

Was the experience in the K3 League helpful? The

K3 League is completely different in terms of facilities than K League 1 or 2. The biggest difference is that I have to take care of myself and train more. In that respect, I learned a lot myself while playing in the K3 League.

If there is a goal for the returned professional stage,

I do not set a separate goal and want to play a little more. Personally, I want to score about 10 attack points, but I will focus on one game at a time. The coach also aimed for a single-digit ranking, but I believe that good results will come if we focus on each game.

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